Boom! Can you hear the sound? It’s the start of the Pro-Age Revolution led by 61-year-old makeup artist turned model turned founder and CEO of the first pro-age cosmetics line, Boom! by Cindy Joseph. ( We found her in Westchester Magazine (she lives and works in her home in Yonkers, NY close to our home base in Larchmont) and after hearing about her message of not only embracing – but actually showing off and celebrating her age — we knew we had to get in touch and share her thoughts with other BA50s.

What made us love her even more: The fact that she’s more about educating women about the power and beauty that lies within us, than she is at pushing her makeup. One of our favorite lines of hers: “You have lived a long and rich life. Your face tells a wonderful story. Why hide it?” She’s so inspiring and cheery. Our “short” conversation led to an hour-long discussion that could have gone on much longer. Read below to see what we mean.

BA50: First off, congrats on your line. It seems to be hitting a chord. Can you tell us a little bit about the how and why behind it?

Cindy: As a longtime makeup artist, and then a model for the last 12 years (Editor’s Note: Cindy didn’t tart modeling until age 49 – more about that to come), a friend asked me why I don’t develop my own makeup line. To be honest, at the time, I didn’t see the need for more cosmetics. But the more my friend prodded, the more I started to think seriously about it.

Although I knew the world may not need more cosmetics, I realized, it’s not just about make up. Women identify with the image, packing, style, i.e. branding, of a cosmetic line. Choosing a cosmetic line is like joining a club. A woman may choose the sophisticates club or the girl next door club, or the gothic club. However, every cosmetics line suggests you conceal, cover, and hide what you look like in an attempt to look younger and different. They are all anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti me clubs! I decided right then and there to design a pro-age line of cosmetics, the pro-age club for every generation.

BA50: And the name?
Cindy: Originally I thought of the name BOOM as a way to target baby boomers, but realized I didn’t want to commit reverse ageism. After all, this is a message for everyone: Men, women and children. That led me to BOOM representing the sound of a Pro-Age Revolution.

BA50: And did this idea come to you because you turned a certain age?

Cindy: Yes, it did. As a woman, I have witnessed and experienced the prejudice our society has about age my entire life. And it’s not only about age, it’s about our features, the size and shape of our bodies, our hair, our style choices, etc.

I went through a personal transformation in my mid 40s. That’s when I started to submerge myself into my feminine psyche and did what truly felt good to me. I slowed down. I moved away from living a life that was success and goal oriented and started living my life according to what pleasured me.  I also took a good hard look in the mirror and realized getting older doesn’t mean looking worse.

At one point I felt like a fraud, as I was hiding the very thing that made me look older – my hair color! Though I kept the silver streak I had since my 30s, I was coloring the rest of the gray as it grew in. The very day I cut off the last bit of dye, I was approached on the street in NYC and asked to model. I was 49-years-old and have been modeling ever since.

BA50: And so how do you feel about aging now? I understand you recently turned 61.

Cindy: I love it. Life just keeps getting better as I become more compassionate towards myself and celebrate my age and life. I believe that how we feel about ourselves and how much we are enjoy our lives is what makes us truly attractive. I don’t feel the need to look younger. I want to be healthy and radiant and look like me. I hope that celebrating my age, along with all women, we change society’s mindset and we become a pro-age culture.

My advice for your readers: Take those critical lenses off your eyes when you look in the mirror. I think this quote by Rosalind Russell sums it up best: “Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”

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