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I admit I’m guilty of texting questions to my daughter that inevitably end up with a response that sounds a lot like ‘Just Google It.’

So what makes me think I am equipped with the skills to handle the Apple Watch? After all – I am over 50 and ‘many’ out there in the wide world of technology, think we BA50’s are still using Princess phones and typewriters.

I personally am a watch wearer – never leave the house without it, but I prefer the slim sleek look of my vintage Ebel. However, the Apple Watch is being touted as a fashion statement and we must stay cutting edge. So how does a BA50 grasp the concept of a big square chunk of technology on their wrist?

Could the Apple Watch actually make a positive impact on your wardrobe?

Other than your LuluLemon uniform, what other outfits does it go with? I mean really go with, unless you are Pharrell?



Pharrell and Katy Perry chose the Mickey Mouse option, no surprise there. That’s great for them but how am I supposed to style that with a corner office Lafayette suit?

I create electronic look-books for my clients so they can just scroll through their iPad in the morning and select an outfit as opposed to trashing the closet out of frustration. I see the Apple Watch becoming the center player in the photos outshining their Loubi’s. But be careful, you really shouldn’t lead with any one style element, that’s why it is called an outfit.

I am also wondering if, like other things in the corner office, there will be gender inequality when it comes to the watch bling. Will the male wearer be considered smart, tech savvy and on the top of his game? Will the female wearer be considered overdressed or even frivolous sporting a Mickey Mouse face?

Shop wisely as the watch does come in 38 possible variations of strap and screen size, so you can fine tune it to your application – pun intended.

But if you take the plunge, here are a few thoughts that may come to mind as you wear your new bling.

I hope I don’t get mugged.
Why did they neglect to include a find-my-watch app in the first release, I have trouble keeping track of my car keys!
I feel a bit like Maxwell Smart.
Why do I have this, the font is too small.
Didn’t Arianna Huffington advise that we unplug and be more present?
Can this thing get through to Blue Cross faster, more efficiently and play music that I like while I am on hold?
What’s the point of talking out loud to someone else that no doubt has their phone to their ear?
Should I be standing up while peeing so my activity tracker gives me the same credit as my male co-worker?

Oh what the hell, too many issues, I think I’ll just buy a new Nespresso machine instead.

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