Taking Hormones pre and post menopause when symptomatic is a discussion that every BA50 should have with their GYN. The HRT door was closed on most of us due to a 2002 WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) study that has recently been revisited and determined to be flawed and therefore not the last word. See New York Times post by Susan Dominus Titled: Women Have Been Misled About Menopause.

So the question for women of whether to start HRT,  meaning — Estrogen, Testosterone and other hormone replacements in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s — is front and center and back on the table thanks to Susan Dominus.

I was thrilled to talk to Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith, Founder of the Complete Midlife Wellness Center in Houston, about HRT and the decision to start taking hormones even 10 years post menopause, in our 60’s, for the first time. This is an important interview that every BA50 will want  to listen to if they are interested in educating themselves about whether HRT is something they may want to talk to their Dr. about.

Dr. Susan deals with the benefits and risks to consider when making your decision and she is very encouraging.

This interview is a continuation of last week’s discussion on BA50 about why Doctors are  still making decisions for us about our hormone health based on a study that is more than 20 years old which has so many flaws? 

Dr. Susan addresses the risks of HRT as it relates to blood clots, heart health, bone health and breast cancer and who is at risk and if you are over 60.  Be sure to listen all the way through because we have many more options than we were previously told.

Dr. Susan believes everyone is a candidate for HRT as it addresses so many of our aging symptoms.

Question: “If we aren’t in menopause and don’t have hot flashes BUT have bone health, memory concerns, thinning skin, sleep, vaginal dryness, UTI issues etc….should we be taking Estrogen?”

Question: “What are the risks and can we take Estrogen long term?”

Dr. Susan’s answers are enlightening.

So if you have been told as I was, that you can’t take hormones after 60 because you missed the 10 year window, and you can’t take estrogen for more than 5 years  you will want to educate yourself. further on this topic.

The conversation is wide open now and it’s time to rethink how we view Hormone Replacement Therapy now.

Listen – Watch and Please Share WIth Everyone of your BA50 friends.

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