My Dog Jazz Is The Best Medicine

I was contacted by the people at Ensure to try one of their products. I’m a sponsored blog partner of Ensure but all opinions contained in this post are my own.

I hadn’t really thought that this drink would be something I would be into, but I do understand why people may need it to get stronger.

I had a medical issue last year which left me exhausted for the months of June and July. I thought I had Lyme disease but did not. It took awhile to get diagnosed and once I did, it turned out there was no medicine I could take…I was going to just wait til my body got stronger. I will talk more about this in the next piece.

Exhausted and fatigued, during those two months I struggled to train for my annual PMC bike event. It would be my 30th year riding. The PMC is a fundraiser for the Dana Farber Cancer center. There was no way I was going to miss this 85 mile ride if I could help it. (I was only planning to do one day of this 2-day ride).

I did in fact do the ride, but the process of getting stronger and keeping a CAN DO mindset was essential to making it to the big day.

I’m happy to report, I not only raised $21,000 for Dana Farber but I finished the ride with a big smile and felt great.

Maybe I should have considered Ensure to get my strength back during those 2 months, as it took me so long to begin to heal.

When the people at Ensure sent me this video… I was charmed by this CAN DO story.

Love this story about Policeman Bill from Foxboro. He’s got a can do story about staying healthy so he can keep helping his family and his community. He doesn’t live in the past. He accepts his limitations and takes care of himself. Great little slice of life video to watch for inspiration. He drinks Ensure to stay healthy.


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