can a grandmother be sexySpoiler Alert!  The Answer is Yes!  Every year my family heads south to West Palm Beach for New Year’s to visit family.  The city has a spectacular fireworks show over the Intracoastal Waterway at midnight.  But besides getting to spend time with family, I love the shopping there!!  I look forward with anticipation going to fabulous stores they don’t have in my city – designer label shops and elegant department stores like Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom, not to mention Worth Avenue.  Heaven for me!  I walked miles and got blisters on my toes.  But it was worth it.

So back to my question.  Sexy can be how you feel, not necessarily how you look to others.  Case in point.  I love to shop at Anthropologie.  Now you wouldn’t think a woman over 50 would find a lot to wear in there.  I would say the demographic for that store is 20-40 maybe.  But the minute I walk in there, I love the smell, the wood floors, and the way the colorful clothes are displayed.  Slightly French.  Every year I find a few key pieces that I will not see in my home town and that I look good in.  But this year I really went out on a limb.

I was standing next to a rack of jean leggings that looked really skinny.  Didn’t give them a second look, until I overheard a young woman say she has bought multiple pairs of these and she loves them.  Always on the lookout for a new kind of jean for myself, I said, “what the heck” and took a couple of pairs back to try on, along with some really pretty tops.  They have lots of them.  Anyway, I put on these leggings, which were soft, stretchy and tight and immediately I felt sexy in them.  They had a lower rise than I really like, but nevertheless, I thought I looked pretty good and felt even better.  Stepped out of the dressing room to show my husband (yes, he likes to shop with me when we are out of town).  I said, ”I really like these,” hoping he would agree.  He thought long and hard about it and said they weren’t his favorite.  Thought they would go out of style.  Didn’t bother me too much (they were $168-which I think is high for jeans), but I vowed to come back after I had looked at them online.  I looked and looked (and coveted), but also read reviews which said they stretch out a lot after a few wearings.  So I didn’t buy them, but I still remember the way they made me feel.

What I did end up buying while I was there was a cute multi-color metallic thread dress with a full skirt that went just to my knees and my husband loved it, too.  I can dress it up or down for work or after, with a suit jacket, cardigan sweater, or even a jean jacket would be fun.  Flats or killer heels.  And it feels sexy to me.  Here it is:

Fashion Friday Better After 50

Oh, by the way, here are the jean leggings I coveted and still do, if you want to know the truth.  Fabulous, with boots or flats and a flowy top or sweater!

fashion over 50

I may still get them yet!  Yes, I am over 50.  Yes, I am a grandmother.  But that doesn’t mean I have to dress like a frump.  Why not try on something that is out of your comfort zone?  You never know, you may look and feel great in it.  Sexy is a state of mind, a state of being.  Not a size or shape.  Don’t limit yourself to the same old thing.  A new year is a good time to stretch your limits….Speaking of stretch – I’m going back online and look at those jeans again!!!

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