Cameron Diaz book The Body BookGawking can be fun.  I love muting the TV and watching the Red Carpet fashion runway show before the Oscars. Hey, we know this isn’t real life – it’s Hollywood and it’s fun. I almost don’t like it when the “stars” try to be too real – after all Hollywood is supposed to transport us right?

We know we’re not THEM- and that’s ok. Yes, of course it’s fun to play dress up and pretend to be super Glam for a night – but note to file – no paparazzi is following us out of the party.  So when a Hollywood star becomes a spokesperson for “real life” stuff I kinda cringe.  I feel like I’m being media manipulated if you catch my drift.

Body Acceptance is a hot topic; little did I know it when I posted about it last week. It was THE topic on the Today show all last week  as the anchors talked about their body insecurities and acceptance (like Matt Lauer’s hair “issue”, and Savannah Guthrie’s self-consciousness about her height).  This was their attempt at being relatable. Turns out they live with their insecurities just like us. But — I don’t want them to be just like us — I want them to be the “anchors’ of the Today Show.

So when I heard Cameron Diaz promoting her new book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body, about body acceptance, I was really irritated . Really Cameron?   I honestly could have accepted this topic coming from plus sizers Roseanne or Kirstie Alley.

Let’s face it, there is nothing unacceptable about Cameron’s body no matter what she says – I believe I’m in a majority who totally accept her body and are frankly awed by it – but I don’t want her to tell me to accept mine. Did you see her book cover – she’s spectacular and totally not relatable. She’s not a role model for me – she’s not REAL — she’s Hollywood.

I’m sorry but when a gorgeous slim actress/model tells us to just be happy with who we are — well it’s kind of annoying – don’t you think?

And, by the way – I love the message, just not the messenger. It’s the message every Yogi talks about – it’s the Zen message of acceptance… Here’s her message:

“No matter what shape it is, how much you love or hate it, whether it feels tired and worn down or lively and invigorated, your body is the most precious thing you have.”

When Cameron started talking about how what you eat effects how you feel and how you look – I was shocked – really Cameron – is this news?

Then she uttered those fateful words during her Today show interview– “My skin looks better since I gave up cheese.”  Get ready Cheese Lobby in Washington- sales are about to plummet.  In one fell swoop Cameron put a little guilt in America’s most favorite simple pleasure food.

Well, I’m sorry Cameron, I’m not giving up my cheese!  Pas de fromage?  No more dinners of chardonnay and Taleggio with a few olives – that’s not helpful advice, because I’m over 50 and I don’t get pimples any more so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about.  And –I will still bringing the cheese platter to the pot luck without guilt.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to give a message of moderation.  If you’re really talking about acceptance, It seems harsh to just cross off our “go to” foods. Most of us know that when we try to diet and eliminate foods we love – we usually end up craving them more than ever.  Cameron – one day you will be 50 too and hopefully with age – you  will understand what true acceptance really means.

So here’s what I say to this gorgeous actress:

“Cameron, you are spectacular. You said you had pimples when you ate cheese (but I never saw them). You should have some cheese and be happy – that may help with your message of acceptance.  You talk about acceptance but why such restraint?

The truth is, life is better with cheese. Let’s bring some comfort into the food/diet conversation, eat what we love, enjoy our foods and do it all in moderation.

P.S. Are you having negative thoughts about your body? Watch this hysterical rocking muffin top rap video by comedian Erin Keaney. It will be sure to put a smile on your face!


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