bucket listIf you’re getting older, you may be starting to wonder what sort of legacy you will leave to your children, grandkids, and descendants. With the right collection of smartphone apps, pulling together and enacting a ‘bucket list’ and leaving a lasting legacy may be as simple as a few clicks.

Planning for forever

Organize your dreams and goals with the iWish app. This powerful albeit lightweight application helps users identify their bucket list goals and work toward them, too. iWish offers astounding ideas in more than 700 different categories, including travel, finance, love, and adventure. Prioritize your dreams and make them come true before you leave the planet. iWish enables goal setting with collages and illustrations that spur the user on to success. Make a ‘dream vision’ board to create an everlasting image of your path to forever. iWish also offers motivational quotes that can be customized per user goals. Stay motivated for the rest of your life with this handy little app for iPhone and Android devices.iWish can be synced with iCloud, advises AppCrawler magazine.

Next time you dial up your grandkids, tell them you want to record the call. Then use Android call recorder app from Apalon to save the conversation. In the event of your demise, your kids and grandkids will have an audio memory they can enjoy always.

Say goodbye from the great beyond

Afternote allows users to send loving farewell messages and jokes to friends from beyond the grave. Folks facing the end of life use Afternote to choose how their social media accounts are managed after they are no longer able to log in. The app also offers a nifty bucket list feature with which to monitor goals. Users may assign trustees to manage their Afternote account post mortem. Only trustees may access any of the information collected by the Afterlife app, notes Legacy dot com.

Eterniam is another after-death app that offers a secure storage locker for the digital assets that matter to you most. Videos, documents, pics and other things may be saved via this app which releases them to pre-specified persons upon the user’s demise. Share your life with friends and family long after it’s over with Eterniam for iPhone.

Facebook in the afterlife

In 2015, Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to specify a legacy contact to manage their page in the event of their own demise. Legacy contacts are not privy to the account until the maker dies. After that time, the legacy contact can accept friend requests, post memorial events and share pictures on behalf of the deceased. Alternately, Facebook users may now instruct the social media giant to permanently delete their account when they pass away, says Business Insider magazine.

One fact of life is that everybody dies. It’s not the one who winds up with the most stuff that wins. It’s the person whose memory lives on in the hearts and minds of their loved ones.


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