Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and as such, you want everything to be perfect. You have probably already spent many a long hour organizing the main parts of your bridal outfit, such as your wedding dress and hair and makeup; however, there are certain other bridal essentials that you might not yet have considered but which add the final finishing touches to your wedding day look.


From exchanging wedding rings to cutting the cake, your hands play a surprisingly large role in your wedding day and are on display a lot. Make sure that they look pretty in photographs by treating yourself to a pre-wedding manicure. You can book your manicure as a package along with your hair and makeup, or you can easily give yourself a DIY manicure to save money. Shape and file your nails into an attractive shape to remove jagged edges and push the cuticles back. Paint your nails using a base coat, two coats of color, and finally, seal the color with a glossy topcoat. Use popular bridal nail varnish colors such as pale pink or nude that won’t overwhelm your overall look.

Contact lenses

If you are a glasses wearer, you might decide to go for a no-glasses look for your wedding day by wearing contact lenses. While you might be daunted by the prospect of inserting and removing your lenses, your optician will demonstrate how to do this easily and hygienically, and the payoff in terms of precise vision with the freedom of being glasses-free is definitely worth it. Choose daily disposable one day lenses if you only wear lenses for special occasions, or go for monthly lenses if you plan on transitioning to wearing them full time.


You are likely to be doing a lot of smiling on your wedding photographs; however, if you lack confidence in your teeth, this can put a dampener on your smile and overall enjoyment of your special day. A trip to the dentist to deep clean your teeth and devise a treatment plan is the first step to giving you the pearly whites you dream of. For instance, crooked teeth can be fixed with orthodontic treatment, and discolored teeth can be lightened with tooth whitening treatment that is safely and expertly administered by a trained dental professional.


Your wedding day is a long day, and you are likely to spend long periods on your feet. While you might be tempted by sky-high stiletto heels that are as thin as a pencil, comfort should be your priority when shopping for wedding shoes – you don’t want your big day to be ruined by blisters and foot pain. Look for bridal shoes that are stylish while having a lower heel and cushioned soles for comfort. You can also insert cooling gel insoles for added comfort and support to keep you dancing all night long.

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