We wanted to share this piece from the online Observer about why boomer men behave badly, in case you missed it. Sheila Weller, author of best seller Girls Like UsĀ gives us plenty of fodder to chew on.

There’s a lot of reasonsĀ Americans over age 50 are twice as likely to get divorced as they were 20 years ago. We all know the risks of living longer, but there’s something about the temperament of boomers that exacerbates the divorce rate after 30 plus years of Ā marriage.

In this piece Weller talks about Graham Nash who was Ā divorced after 38 years and Paul Simon’s trouble with his wife not to mention Donald Fagen’s fight (of Steely Dan) with his wife, and Ā knits together a pretty convincing story of why our divorce rate is skyrocketing.

“In confronting the personal lives of reasonably serious male bold-faced names (as it is sometimes impossible not to do), thereā€™s gossip that we, schadenfreude-ishly, like to hearā€”Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, et al. And then thereā€™s gossip that weā€™re sad or shocked to hear: news that makes usā€”savvy cynics, after allā€”embarrassed over our naĆÆvetĆ© and puzzled while watching our casually solid assumptions crumble. Last week was such a week for boomers, especially women.”

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When Boomer Men We Love Behave Badly

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