The day after Thanksgiving has always been a “sale” day, but these past few years it’s been filled with madness. With riots, stampedes, even deaths.Black black friday madnessFriday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Sale Monday. These references remind me of that old movie, If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium.  Butwhereas that was a romantic comedy about a whirlwind trip through Europe where everyday the tourists stopped in another city, these nomenclatures refer to the shopping frenzy which starts the day after Thanksgiving and continues up to Christmas Eve. And there is nothing funny about the madness which occurs.

Remember Little Rock, Arkansas?  There was complete insanity over a two-dollar waffle iron. A waffle iron of all things!  Although I have fond memories of eating waffles prepared by my father every Sunday morning, I can’t imagine pushing and shoving like a rabies infected woman in order to buy one, no matter how little it cost.

What happened was so absurd, that I couldn’t even get my brain around it. I know times are tough. Money’s tight. We’re all looking to get more for our shrinking dollar. But still. A waffle iron?

It makes me wonder what’s going to happen this year.

How are shoppers going to behave. Because not only do we want a bargain, we want it NOW.

With cell phones, emails, texting, we’ve becoming a society that craves instant gratification. And so when the doors open for the sales, everyone goes rushing forward like a head of cattle.

I remember when shopping was a relaxing event.

I wish I could transport myself back in time, no even better.  I’d like to step into an old Christmas movie, one like  Miracle on 34th Street.  I’d love to walk up and down the aisles of the department store, making eye contact with the other shoppers.  Stop and talk and share some holiday cheer.  Imagine that.

Unlike today, where shoppers walk around seemingly talking to themselves.  We look like a bunch of schizophrenics.  We even text photos of gifts we’re thinking of buying in order to get someone else’s opinion before making our purchase.

Yes, we’ve gone a bit mad. And no doubt there will be more “Fight for a Freebie Fridays” and “Ten Second Sale Tuesdays,” before this year ends.

Just wish this Black Friday that everyone keeps their wits about them.

But that’s a wish even Santa might not be able to fill.

After all, if it’s December, it must be a manic month.


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