This week is going to be fun.  You are going to have the chance to show your sharp and classic side or you can channel your inner “rocker chick,” depending on what kind of mood you are in when you are planning your holiday party outfit.  Ladies our age may have had several personalities in our lifetime and here is your chance to have some fun with the “bolder” side of you.  I call that side of myself “Cowgirl,” and she pops out from time to time, with boots and an attitude.

For our casual holiday party look, I am giving you two options and the opportunity to mix and match.  But I promise it will still be simple and stylish.  For the “ladylike” or classic look, choose one of the two tops. Then pair it with the tuxedo pants.  Then choose a shoe: the patent pump or the boots.   Add gold drop earrings and the clutch, plus the crepe biker jacket and you are ready to go.

If you are feeling bold and like your legs, pair one of the two tops with a black leather skirt.  I know, I know, you are probably saying to yourself, “I am too old to be wearing a leather skirt!”  I am here to tell you, it’s not true.  If the length of the skirt is too short for you, wear one a little longer.  Pair it with black tights and the suede boots and you are rockin’! Or wear the pumps with it. It will still look great! Gold earrings and the shoulder bag complete the outfit.  You don’t really need a gold necklace with all the gold in the tops, but I am including one anyway, just because. Again top it off with the crepe jacket.  Now wasn’t that cool and easy?  Here are all your options:




For the dressy black and gold look this week, I have picked out a subtly metallic dress that looks elegant and flattering.  A simple silhouette.  Long sleeves for the ladies who are afraid to bare their arms (and besides, it is wintertime!)  You can go bare-legged if you have the legs or wear some patterned or nude hose.  The show-stoppers are the gold pumps. They surely will make you feel sexy and glamorous.  If the heel is too high, use the patent pumps from the casual outfit that are lower.  Take the clutch from the casual outfit or another equally embellished clutch.  Some simple and shiny jewelry of your choice.  Top it off with an amazing black trench that can be worn again and again.  You will be the classiest woman at the party.  Here’s your outfit:


A caveat on this week’s color combination.  Not everyone looks good in gold or likes gold.  If your skin has a cool tone, silver might look better on you.  So go crazy using these ideas and look for black and silver instead.  Or you can look for a combination of gold and silver in a metallic top.  Mix it up and have a ball!

In all my outfits, take the “idea” of the look and find the items at local boutiques and department stores at your own price point.  Don’t get turned off by the prices of my selections.  These are ideas for you to make your own.  Head out to your party and have a blast!

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