It’s winter and the TV binging has started again. There is so much good stuff out there we can barely get to it but it’s fun to have a line up to draw on when you’ve just immersed in the best show you can imagine.

So here’s a few great shows we wanted to pass along and we would love to hear from you all if you have seen something we should watch.


Society Of the Snow

Surviving was a group effort. #SocietyOfTheSnow, a movie from Juan Antonio Bayona about one of the most remarkable stories of the 20th century and selected to represent Spain at the Oscars® 2024 is coming to selected cinemas in December and to Netflix on January 4th.

Watch on Netflix.


Fool Me Once

This was such a great show! We sat down to watch thinking we would just watch a couple of episodes and come back to it. What a great mystery. We watched it over 2 nights. Totally riveting.


Brilliant Documentary we adored. Everyone who we know who has seen it is totally wowed by the genius of Jon Batiste and his story.


And Another Brilliant Documentary We loved


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