Whether you’ve got a long car ride coming up or you just like to listen while you’re getting ready for work, podcasts are a great alternative to TV watching and can be both entertaining and educational. Today, they have a podcast for pretty much everything from fashion to food.

Have you ever come across a podcast so good you could listen for hours? We have! In fact, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite binge worthy podcasts that are so good, you’ll wish your commute was longer. Which one would you listen to?“How I Built This” is a podcast for anyone looking for inspiration on becoming an entrepreneur. The host, Guy Raz, explores the stories of how brands like Patagonia and Wayfair came to be and the journey that these entrepreneurs took to get where they are today.For all of you fashionistas, “The Business of Fashion” discusses many different aspects of the fashion industry and how brands are being affected by changes in the industry and society in general.If you’ve ever wondered how the internet plays a large and sometimes scary role in our lives, you have to listen to “Reply All”. They talk about everything from where those sketchy scam phone calls actually come from to how fake online rehab facilities are fooling insurance companies.If you’re looking to be more involved in political discussions, “West Wing Weekly” is a podcast that talks about episodes of the early 2000’s political TV show The West Wing.If you’re a murder mystery crime lover, you won’t be able to stop listening to “My Favorite Murder;” a comedic true-story podcast about the craziest crimes in America. From the people who brought you Ted Talks, “Ted Radio Hour” has short and inspirational podcast episodes that are a great quick listen on your lunch break or commute.“Stuff You Should Know” is the perfect podcast to listen to in the car with your kids. It’s a podcast about, well, how stuff works!For the romantics, “Modern Love” is a podcast by the New York Times that features stories about relationships and love with meaningful messages behind them.Looking for a good laugh while you listen? “Two Dope Queens” is a candid podcast hosted by two New York comedians who delve into pop culture with their equally funny guests. Oprah fans? So are we. “Making Oprah” is all about her journey from an audition to talk show.

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