Large breasted women need not limit their exercise even though that has been an issue.

“Out of 82 women with breasts categorized as large, 46 percent said their breast size affected their exercise routine and 58 percent of the 43 women with breasts categorized as very large reported the same (researchers categorized sizes by volume rather than relying on bra size)….. According to the New York Times.

Clearly it takes a half century to figure out how to buy a bra that works for exercising and 50 years old Holly Powell’s store is an example of how women are helping women.

“There were no sports bras for me back then,” Ms. Powell said, now 50 and still a regular exerciser. “I had broken blood vessels all across the top of my bust.”

When Ms. Powell went sports bra shopping, salespeople told her they didn’t sell bras in her size. In 2011, Ms. Powell, who lives in Portland, Oregon, left her career as a teacher and librarian to open her own bra store, The Pencil Test

Read these insights from This article from the New York Times about Athletic Bra Shopping Advice. This is a truly helpful article.

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