Beyonce at Grammy’s 2017 Pregnant with her twins

I was mesmerized by Beyonce floating around the stage last night on the Grammys, exclaiming to my husband, “This is revolutionary.”

Is there a woman out there watching at midlife that didn’t think about her own pregnancy and how they’d felt about their bellies?

Don’t you remember when Demi Moore was on the cover of Vanity Fair. That was 1991 and my kids were 3 and 5 years old. I felt liberated and wanted to be pregnant again in a different way.

I was so happy for all of our kids when I saw Beyonce celebrating her pregnant belly so beautifully last night. She was a floating goddess and it was again liberating.

Billboard magazine loved it too.

“Beyonce opened her ‘Love Drought’/’Sandcastles’ performance in profile, shifting her pose to make it seem as if a sunrise was emerging from between her legs. The rest of the performance was similarly symbolic (flowers, flowing veils and symbols of fertility were plentiful) and had more in common with contemporary dance staging than Pop or R&B dance moves.”

Beyonce cares what she looks like and she was proud to have her belly as the centerpiece of her performance. Loved the intro of her mom before her performance as well.

If you missed it check it out here:

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