WomanMegaphoneYou just can’t avoid the Labor Day Sales. They’re throttling away on TV, radio, online and of course, your phone. Buy, buy, buy.

I must get ten emails a day declaring a deal. But seriously how much new stuff do we really need? Now there’s the key word – NEED.

Ladies, let’s assess the need when it comes to your wardrobe so you can really save your money. That may even mean zipping the wallet and foregoing the purchase because the definition of need may just not be needy enough! But we’ll get to that!

I took note of the To Buy / To Avoid list from CBS News Moneywatch which I copied below with editorial license.

To Buy

Summer Clothes – Because the retailers need rack room for full-priced fall clothes.

Grills – Because you simply don’t want to blowtorch off the burnt-on barbecue sauce.

Mattresses – Because you can’t remember if you bought your last one in the 70’s or 80’s.

To Avoid

Apple Devices – Because of course they will yet again unveil new phones in late September.

Toys – Because we know how to spell Black Friday

Fall Clothing – Direct quote here so you don’t shoot the messenger:

Anything fall-related is unlikely to be discounted much this weekend, so it’s best to hold off on fall clothing. If you’re looking for warmer clothing, wait until November, when the fall lines will be heavily discounted to make way for winter styles.

BootShoppingWHOA NELLY!

Rebuttal here – notice they used the phrase, unlikely to be discounted much. With the use of unlikely and much, I am not putting ‘much’ weight in that sentence!

First of all, women need new Fall things – it’s mandatory that we also get some new back-to-school (work) clothes. Our budgets have always had something in there for Mom when we went back-to-school shopping. And now as empty nesters, we own that budget 100%! But of course, we still love a sale, so here’s my advice.

Did you follow my pre-spring advice when I encouraged you to assess your tired winter wardrobe before you stashed it under the bed to bring out your summer stringy things? If not, you are a bit behind the eight ball. So put your winter thinking cap on and try to remember what was tired, old, ugly or missing from your last season’s options.

Here are some memory joggers:

Closed toe shoes of any kind – Perhaps those missing heel caps, polish (like never polished), style or comfort. Pretty sure some less-than-favorite shoes just came to mind. Put those on the list to replace.

Black leggings – Perhaps the pair that you wore three times a week with different tops hoping no one noticed. Put a new pair of those on the list.

Sassy jeans – Perhaps you had a magnificent summer while hiking Machu Picchu and you have lost 10 pounds. Perhaps instead you took a cooking class and went the other way. Put a new pair of sassy jeans on your list.

BraFittingGirl Protection – Perhaps you started jogging to work off the cooking class and didn’t realize you should have been wearing a sports bra rather than your everyday bra. Put a new everyday bra on your list.

Lightweight Jackets – Perhaps the entire fall season last year you went coat-less because you only own a woolly mammoth. Put a new fall jacket on your list.

Your Cosmetic Collection – Perhaps you finally bought InStyle Magazine and learned that you should pack away the Panama Pink lipstick and change your makeup to fall colors. Put new makeup on the list.

Are you catching my drift?  Pickin up what I’m putting down?

Take those department storewide Labor Day savings coupons and put them towards something you need to buy, as opposed to what they want you to buy – like summer clothes, grills and mattresses!

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