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Migraines. UGH—only those who suffer from them can understand the incapacitating and severe pain of a migraine. I’ve suffered from this pain my entire life, and before seeking professional help – between migraines! – I would spend hours researching alternative treatments. Everything online kept pointing to pills, medications, or so-called natural vitamins and remedies.

But, I wanted a truly natural remedy, or at least a game plan, to relieve my pain.  As part of a study at the BI Deaconess, my doctor suggested a well-balanced vegetarian diet to help with the severity of the migraines. This was initially meant to eliminate known triggers like red meat, certain cheeses and mercury dense fish.  Within months, my pain had noticeably lessened, I had more energy, and I was in better shape — I just felt better. Then, I decided to go a step further and become a vegan. Leading a vegan lifestyle is a commitment, but having noticed a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of my headaches, it’s a commitment I’m willing to, well, commit to.

I descended slowly into the world of vegan culture and healthy eating. Veganism can be rather cultish in it’s approach, but treading slowly and thoughtfully, I read articles, checked out food blogs, and watched films all about alternative food choices. After watching Food Inc., a documentary that scrutinizes the corporate farming industry while promoting a healthier lifestyle, I began to understand that what I put ON my body was as important as what I put IN my body.

As I surveyed the daily cosmetics products I was using, I noticed that the mass-produced skincare products that I picked up from Bloomingdales and Sephora did not quite fit in with my new healthy lifestyle. I figured, if I felt this good from putting vegan food and products into my body, how good would I feel if I put vegan products on my body?  That’s when a new search initiative went underway and I began seeking alternative, vegan skincare products that would help my skin looks as good as my newly liberated head felt. I was introduced to Dr. Scheller USA natural and effective vegan skincare line, and ordered a few samples to try.

Registered with the Vegan Society, Dr. Scheller’s products prioritize flawless skin, sustainability, and no animal testing or ingredients. As someone with sensitive (and also aging) skin, I am always aware about the right kind of skin products to use to keep one step ahead of the wrinkle and crepe train… Dr. Scheller’s products are great for all skin types, and the line actually specializes in sensitive skin. I started with the Argan Oils that Dr. Scheller offers.  These rich oils nourish the skin, leave no slimy residue, and give you a glow that mimics the youthful abundance of a luscious 20-year- old basking in the Mediterranean sun.

When I was getting a facial a few weeks after commencing my Argan Oil regime and was complimented on the texture of my skin by the esthetician, I knew I was on to something. Shortly thereafter I branched out to the new Pomegranate Cleansing products, and I’ve already seen a change in the clarity of my skin. The subtle dark spots which I like to think of as freckles are not as visible, and I swear that my pores are smaller. The Pomegranate Gel Wash and Facial Lotion are both gentle cleansers that effectively remove excess oils and dirt, leave my face incredibly smooth, and give me the health benefits I wanted (attributed to the fact that not only are the products vegan, but no silicons, no mineral oils, and no synthetic coloring is used in them).

Do I miss red meat and blue cheese – absolutely.  Do I miss migraines?  Not at all…and when I do get one now I know it is due to factors that I can’t control, like barometric pressure or excessive work stress…ok, maybe I can control that, but you know what I mean…

Using vegan cosmetics makes me feel ahead of the curve.  I like supporting small business and finding products that are meaningful on many levels.  And the more I learn about sustainability and global warming, the more convinced I am that being vegan and using vegan products is the best thing we can do for ourselves AND our planet.

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