Multi-Device Charging Station

Upow Bamboo Multi-device Cords Organizer Stand and Charging Station Docks for Smart Phones and Tablets. Ā Drop your phones at the door and charge them en masse…this is sleekĀ option to tangled chords.


For a funkier alternative, check out the Kikkerland Grassy Lawn Charging Station. This was a gift my friend’s son got her for the holidays — it’s funny, looks like a chia pet and it’s actually useful and efficient don’t you think? We love it.





My son gave me Tiles for Chanukah two years ago. I had no idea what to do with them and then I put it on my dog Jazz’s collar so I could find her if she ran away. All I had to do was download the tile App and I could find my doggy. Brilliant!

For we BA50s whoĀ lose our cars in parking lots, our keys in the house AND our suitcases when we travel … this is a brilliant gift for us and all our buddies.



The Echo Dot

holiday-techie-gift-ideasHere’s the new best friend for all BA50’s. She actually listens to us.

“ALEXA” we scream —- play Bruce Springsteen, play Timeflies, Play Christmas, Cool Jazz. And voila – she plays it!

“ALEXA” we command —- what’s the weather in Vail, Colorado, in Boston and how about Sarasota. She knows everything…she’s a genius.

You can get our favorite new family member in a mini version and travel with her everywhere but the sounds is not as robust as the larger version — so hereĀ are both versions.

For bigger sound, go with the original Echo:




No more runs to the coffee shop. More time in ourĀ PJ’s…we are self-sufficient and prefer staying in now that we have thisĀ Nespresso maker. We thought we could avoid buying this but visits to friends’ homes who have this reminded us that we wanted one too. This looks like a pretty good deal. Love the steamer option because it’s easier to clean as it’s separate. Good value.





Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

We keep losing our ear buds. Maybe we will be able to hang onto them if they’re not fee. That’s a theory right? These buds are actually comfortable and the sound is phenomenal. Totally check out when they are plugged in and listen to your favorite podcast.



Someone needs to explain this gift to us…we hear this is are great learning tool. Let us know when you figure it out.

An Arduino Based Programmable Toy Robot for Kids to Learn Robotics, STEM, Coding and Electronics with Arduino/Scratch/Whendo



Designer FitBit

Tory Burch you make working out look good. We found this fashion fit bit on Amazon. Thinking this would look better for that out for the evening look than the rubber one we wear all the time.


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