best women quotesI have lots of girlfriends and none of them are knitting baby blankets or canning pickles (not that these are bad skills, I love me some homemade pickles and who doesn’t love a handmade blanket?). They’re hiking, or traveling to exotic places, or starting companies, or signing up for rock climbing class.

The wild kids of the 60’s are using their senior discounts, the pot smoking hippies rub elbows with the retired attorneys and accountants at AARP events, and women fifty plus are sporting thongs and getting bikini waxed. Today, I’m featuring quotes from today’s midlife woman. Words that describe a new generation of fifty+ women and how we feel about ourselves and life.

“I’m exactly like my grandmother. Except for the job, and the solo trips to Asia and South America, and the marathons, and Botox, and CrossFit, and Tinder, and thigh high boots, and SnapChat…” Age 52, the great state of Maine

“I told my husband that if he’s interested in another woman, just give her my number and I’ll save everyone a lot of time.” Age 58, California

giphy-1“I don’t advocate divorce, but I met my forever husband when we were both divorced and I was 57. The passion is beyond wonderful, and we appreciate getting this chance to discover what love is all about. Who knew I could have multiple orgasms at age 63?”  Age 63, Idaho

“If the human race knew where it was going, wouldn’t we have arrived by now? It’s time to retrain the human GPS toward Living Happy.”  Age 57, Florida

“What I really wonder is not when I’ll die, or when I’ll start losing my memory, but when the last time I’ll have good ol’ down and dirty sex will be. Will I know that will be the last time? Or will it just slip by?” Age 58, California

“I only know how I feel about myself. I am 65 and relocated from Michigan to Florida with my hubs of 33 years this past Jan. I am no longer worried about what anyone thinks of my choices, my looks or my lifestyle. I am free to be anything or nothing. Most times I choose an easy pace and aim to enjoy my retirement years observing and admiring nature. The birds, the small creatures that wander through our property, the ocean and the peaceful beach. I am home. I am where I am meant to grow older. Who knows how much older? Doesn’t matter. I live in my now and finally, I am content here. I freely give and receive love from many people and this, I now know, is my greatest blessing.” Age 65, Florida

“As a Colorado-an who smokes pot and is a ten-year member of AARP, I see midlife as a time when we can finally decide to stop doing what we’re told by our parents or society, and become the person we are inside in all of our glory!” Age 60, Colorado

“Shelling on the beach as a little girl with my grandmother I realized I forgot a bucket for my treasures. In an instant she was out of her underwear and I had a large satin sack with an elastic waist. There’s lots of trends that this getting-older lady has embraced, but thongs ain’t one of them! I’m happy living my life large-prepared to carry what treasures I may find along the way.” Age 46, California

“I like my body, though not the sun damage–come on scientists, figure something out! I LOVE my mind–it’s creative and full of juicy thoughts. Just give me a day of walking miles, reading copious pages and ending with laughter and hubby-sex and I’m good to go for miles and miles before I sleep.” Age 67, California

I hope you enjoyed what these women had to share as much as I did.

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