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Turns out honesty is the best policy once again for BA50s. We know how to care take our bodies, but sometimes we need a little push, inspiration and guidance — These articles were most liked in 2014 for helping us on our journeys

coming to terms with weightComing To Terms With My Life Long Weight Problem

by Marcia Kester Doyle

The message in our house was clear: the inability to lose weight signified a lack of self control. If we were unable to control our bodies, we were weak.

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swim suit seasonI Forgot To Diet For Swim Suit Season

by Parri Sontag
After gaining the 65 pounds back that I lost…

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winter weight gainHow Not To Get Fat This Winter

by Lisa Lewtan

Check out these tips to help you avoid packing on the extra pounds this winter!

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staying fit in midlifeA Wise Woman’s Tips For Staying Fit Forever

by Felice Shapiro

Her story could be a road map for many of us to follow as we strategize about staying athletic and fit for decades to come.  Here’s what I learned from Mercy Wheeler about staying in the game so successfully for all these years.

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how to stop eating so muchHow To Stop Eating So Much

by Linda Melone

Trigger foods are like heroin. Get rid of them.
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