Fashion is a non-stop dialogue as BA50s navigate their changing¬†shapes and sizes. We’re¬†defining our “look” yet again and here’s some of the best on this topic this year.

fashion in 2014The 10th Circle of Hell: Bathing Suit Shopping

by Leslie Conway

With spring break right around the corner and, dare we say it, summer on its way, the day of reckoning is inching dangerously closer.

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kim kardashian embarrassmentEmbarrassed For Kim Kardashian

by Sara Cornell

My first thought – even before coffee – was “I wonder if she is going to regret this when she’s 50.”

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black turtleneck fashionWhy Everyone Should Own A Black Turtleneck

by Doreen Dove

It hugs your body, your arms and your neck, accentuates your face and gives the illusion of a long lean frame, what’s not to like?

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fearless aging felice shapiroFearless Aging

by Felice Shapiro

Bobbi Brown: ‚ÄúThere is no cream that fixes wrinkles. I‚Äôm sorry, but there‚Äôs not.‚ÄĚ

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hair in midlife43 Things Midlife Women Would Like To Say To Our Hair

by Ronna Benjamin

What would you say if you could have a talk with your hair?  Would you thank it? Would you tell it to calm down?  Would you confess your obsession?

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