At mid-life, our personal upkeep is top of the mind. These were BA50’s  top 4 articles (most clicked on) in the Beauty & Style Category in 2013.

To Go Brazilian Or Not?

by Ronna Benjamin
As I cringed, she described how a very talented Israeli woman ripped the hair off her most personal areas with melted wax…for only $65.00…


What’s in Your Closet? Ten Must-Haves for Post-50 Fashionistas

by Barbara Hannah Grufferman
Barbara Grufferman saves Boomers time by simplifying fashion choices.



Top Ten Things To Avoid So You Don’t Look Old

by Vikki Claflin
Having been in the retail beauty business since the invention of lip gloss…. I’ve learned that the best source of beauty advice is, not surprisingly, other women.


Gray Hair or Silver Fox?

by Liz Suneby
Not one of my friends who dyes her hair has ever given my gray the nod of approval.




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