After 50, we know how important it is to keep laughing.  Here are a few articles that kept us laughing until our sides hurt!

25 Signs You’ve Gone From MILF to Middle Age

by Vikki Claflin

You own at least six different styles of Spanx, including the full-body seaweed wrap, but you rarely wear them because, quite frankly, it’s just not that important anymore.

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best of 201410 Reasons To Wear A Towel In The Locker Room

by Ronna Benjamin

Is it normal for women to blow dry their hair at the gym in their birthday suits?

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how to hide pornHow Not To Hide Porn

by Roz Warren

“We all gathered in the convent library. I inserted the video and pressed play.  And —-“

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farting during an mriDon’t Fart During An MRI

by Elaine Ambrose

I released gas with the intensity and conviction of a team of sumo wrestlers…

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