best adviceMaybe it’s because we’ve been mentoring and coaching young people we know as they go after their first big, professional jobs, but it’s become evident that our job advice is exactly the same as our life advice.

Who knew? But yes, pretty much the same advice, so this applies to everyone, even if you’re not job-hunting.   I thought you, your kids, grandkids or people you know might like to hear it, because it’s born of long experience. So, here it is. Our best job and life advice.

success inevitable
Confidence is confidence-inspiring. Whether you aim to impress an interviewer or your kids, it’s all the same. Be positive. Act as though your success is just a matter of time. Because it is.

Let’s take jobs.  If you’re well-qualified for a position (and you should be, with education or some other kind of preparation), if you’ve done your networking and if you send out enough resumes with strategic cover letters, you will get interviews. If you interview enough and well, you will get a job.  It’s a numbers game, that’s all it is. A numbers game.

Most applications seem like they are going into some void, don’t they? Or so it seems. Truth is, we don’t know why we didn’t get a particular interview. Or even a particular job. If you can’t get feedback, then none of that matters. Move on. Your success is inevitable, so exude that from every pore.

It’s true of life, too. You may feel you’ve had some tough breaks–hell, you may well have. But you can turn it around. Your success is inevitable, as long as you work toward it. Remember that.

short end
There is a tendency to see everyone else as getting the long end of a stick. But there IS no short end. Even if you don’t get what you want immediately, there is always a lesson, something you can learn and carry forward to make your next move more effective. Which brings me to this:

best-job-hunting-adviceLearn from everything and bring that lesson with you to whatever you undertake thereafter.

worry no moreIt took me a long time to learn here’s nothing more unproductive than worry. As a friend who’s fighting cancer said the other day about the side effects to her chemo: “There’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t take a pill, eat something or do anything but pray. So I’m not going to worry about it. I’m just going to pray.”

In her case, prayers are the right response. And they might be in yours, as well. In any case, spinning out on worry, as in “will I get it? what if I don’t get it?” won’t help. In fact, it will stress you out so much it might be a hindrance to getting your heart’s desire.
Make every effort to be memorable, in a good way. You can be memorable for your astonishing qualifications, for how you conduct yourself, for the things you say, the questions you ask. You can be a memorable mother or nurse or …. you name it…. in so many ways.
Adventure blog
This is it. This is the life we have on earth. We can waste our time worrying, filled with hate or fear. Or we can make each day an adventure. When you do look on life as one big adventure, it’s contagious! People want to be around you–your kids, employers, colleagues, dates.

Are you getting that it’s all about attitude? It is.  With the right attitude? Anything can happen.

Do you agree?

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