Pack up the car with your buddies — cue up your Broadway show playlist faves and any tunes you can’t resist singing, and put the car in drive.

That’s just what we did with our friends this past Saturday night. We sang and belted out one song after the next and that was all thanks to James Corden and his genius Carpool Karaoke.

James sets us all a little freer with his clever campy car choir. Just listen to him with his Tony Award-winning carpool of stars and this should tee-up any tenors and trillers hitching a ride with you.

Thank goodness for Facebook because at least 5 of my friends posted this clip of James driving around with a few of our favorite stars prepping for the Tonys. What a way to shake off a few nerves! Try to resist singing along – bet you can’t.

I’ve always been a car singer ever since I first got my license. My teen years were spent memorizing Laura Nyro, Carole King and James Taylor. I knew every word to the Rascals’ Groovin and of course The Beatles. I loved to sing in my bedroom, in front of my mirror and on my bike. Once I got my license I couldn’t resist singing at full volume. Here’s a few that as I type them I’m singing simultaneously:

These Eyes by the Guess Who

“These eyes are crying…”

Happy Together by The Turtles

“Imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night…it’s only right”


Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone

(Need I say more).

Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations


Once in A While by Timeflies

(That’s my boy singing so I admit I’m partial).


Rosalita By Bruce Springsteen


Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl

No one ever joined me for car singing except my sister Julie and my son Cal. Miles of road trips would melt into a musical jamboree, as we would take our family weekend drives from Larchmont, NY to Stratton Mountain.

My husband and older boy Jake would try to put a stop to the madness but we were relentless.

Now, years later – I want to hug James Corden for bringing us Carpool Karaoke. James has given millions more drivers the courage to sing regardless of their ability to hold a tune. I’m not saying that James isn’t amazing – he can match vocal to vocal all of those celebs who take a drive with him… But it’s just so freeing to face forward, seat belt on and start projecting at full volume ….

Once you start watching these clips you will want to download them all. Lin-Manuel and Stevie Wonder, Adele and Justin Bieber.

I made a Spotify summer song playlist on my Iphone that I can connect to my car sound system which makes it easy to sing seamlessly from one hit to the next. Easy to learn if you have Spotify and if you don’t – I recommend getting it.

Happy to share my playlist if you are interested – just Subscribe to BA50 and you can try it on your next “friend drive” and let us know how it goes. If you are already subscribed and want the playlist, email to get the playlist link.

What songs would you cue up to sing-along with or add to my list?






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