Fall means back-to-school, cooler temps, warmer coffee and of course a slew of awesome new books. Here are some of our favorites, heading to bookshelves in the upcoming months.

books-for-fall-2016SEARCHING FOR JOHN HUGHES by Jason Diamond. (11/29)

Diamond is just the kind of character we’d be cheering for if this debut memoir were a John Hughes film. The reader follows along from the Chicago suburbs where Diamond grew up to the writerly angst that brings Diamond to New York City. Will he find what he’s been so desperately searching for? Either way, one thing is for sure – this guy can write.

fall-book-recommendations-for-book-clubsSPRINKLE GLITTER ON MY GRAVE: OBSERVATIONS, RANTS, and OTHER UPLIFTING THOUGHTS ABOUT LIFE by Jill Kargman (9/6)

If you are a fan of Kargman’s hit TV show, Odd Mom Out, you’re going to love this book! Jill’s hilarious and heartfelt take on life shines through in essays titled “Why I Will Always Love The East Side” to “Fun With Euphemisms.” These essays made me think, laugh and tear up. You might never want to go to Disney World again, but wait till you find out where the title comes from. Tissues anyone?

autumn-2016-book-recommendationsTHE GUINEVERES by Sarah Domet (10/4)

At the heart of this gorgeous debut are four young teens that meet at a convent after being abandoned by their families. They are thrust into grim circumstances to say the least and happen to share the name, Guinevere. As Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win arrive at the Sisters of the Supreme Adoration their stories and secrets are revealed. The nuns at the convent preach faith and patience but the Guineveres have other plans. When four comatose soldiers arrive at the convent, it seems they just might find their way out after all.

2016-fall-book-club-suggestionsCRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD by Caroline Leavitt (10/4)

If the cover alone doesn’t pull you in, the elegant prose in Leavitt’s Cruel Beautiful World will. It’s 1969 and sixteen-year-old Lucy Gold is about to run away with a much older man creating a mess for the family she leaves behind. Set against the backdrop of peace, love and the Manson murders, this is a haunting story encompassing seduction, familial responsibility and the impossible task of holding it all together.

2016-books-for-fall-readingSMALL GREAT THINGS by Jodi Picoult (10/11)

Jodi Picoult’s books get important conversations started. Topics Picoult has tackled in past novels include: teen suicide in The Pact, school shootings in Nineteen Minutes and scandals in the church in Perfect Match. In her latest, Small Great Things Picoult is in top storytelling form. This one centers on race relations and could not be timelier. Expect classic Picoult drama in a trial that will keep you up all night reading. What’s better than that?

fall-book-suggestions-2016A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW by Amor Towles (9/6)

In 1922 the Bolshevik government places Count Alexander Rostov on house arrest in the attic of Metropol, a famed hotel in the heart of Moscow. Forced to watch from his perch as some of Russia’s must turbulent decades unfold, Rostov—a man of smarts but no trade—is left to entertain himself and undergoes an unexpected emotional transformation. Full of wit, humor, and commentary, this is a book glistens.

book-suggestions-for-autumn-2016NICOTINE by Nell Zink (10/4)

After the harrowing and slow death of recent business school graduate Penny Baker’s father – a cult status healer – she inherits his childhood home in Jersey City. What was once a towering Victorian is now a shell of itself, yet unexpectedly charming and inhabited by a group of lovable squatters who have named the property Nicotine House. Drawn in by their sense of community, Penny ultimately has to straddle the line between her given family and this new one she’s built. In only a way that Nell Zink can make happen, NICOTINE brims with quick wit, quirk, and charm.

fall-2016-book-club-suggested-readingMOONGLOW by Michael Chabon (11/22)

In the late-80s, Michael Chabon sat with his ailing grandfather and began collecting stories, helping him piece together his family’s forgotten and hidden past. From the slums of Philadelphia to WWII Europe to a retirement community in Florida, the anecdotes that were shared with Michael thusly became the foundation for this memoir-infused work of fiction. The result is inventive, genre-bending, thoughtful one that will leave you questioning at the end.



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