I tried this Restorative Eye Mask technology and it’s fantastic. BA50s need this eye mask by Nollapelli. and it’s going to be great gift for the holidays. (Use Code Early 30 to save 30 percent from now through Thanksgiving).

Allison Howard of Nollapelli’s new product uses her innovative textile/fabric technology for sleep. She has created a restorative eye mask for better sleep that provides a black out benefit as well actively restoring her eye area, mitigating puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

How does this product do all this? The fabric was engineered to take your own body heat and increases micro-circulation and that’s where the magic begins. People are noticing the difference not only in their sleep but in their eye area.

Felice from BA50 is in conversation with Inventor and Founder/Entrepreur Allison Howard.

To learn about Nollapelli sheets click here

You can buy their sheets and the mask separately at 30 percent off now or one pillow case and eye mask as well which a beauty restore bundle by clicking here.

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