life sucksIt was a rough winter for me. My husband’s dad died. Then my dog died. Then my dad died. And then my husband broke his back. And did I mention the weather?

I am not telling you this to gain sympathy.

I am telling you this because I know, personally, how hard it is sometimes to keep focused on self-care when our world is falling apart and we are busy taking care of all of those around us.

I am telling you this because I understand that when life is beating you up, it’s very easy to slip into some old habits that didn’t serve us then and certainly don’t serve us now.

I am telling you this because I know that we can feel like we are getting punched in the face repeatedly, and it is exhausting having to pull ourselves up again and again and get back in the ring.

Yes, sometimes life just sucks. 

But, you can be OK.

Although my life has truly sucked recently, it is because of these recent experience, that I am more committed than EVER to helping people live healthier and happier lives. My own lifestyle practices that I have implemented over the years have literally saved me from plummeting into a deep dark place and I want to share some of those that have helped me the most these past few months:

Gratitude:  I am so grateful that all 3 of my family members who passed away were loved deeply and died surrounded by love. I also am extremely grateful that my husband was not killed or paralyzed when he hit the tree in his ski accident. Gratitude keeps me in check.

Meditation:   By taking quiet time each day, I check in with myself mentally and physically to just see how I am doing. Some days I’m OK. Other days I am not so OK. I do not judge. I just listen and take actions accordingly. Although some days I may only meditate for a few minutes, it keeps me calm and centered.

Exercise:  I listen to how my body needs to move and honor it. Some days I may need the energy of a spin class. Other days the fluidity of a yoga class is the perfect answer. And yet other days, all I can manage to do is walk around the block. It’s all good. Exercise keeps me connected to my body.

Eating Healthy:  Who feels like eating kale when their world is falling apart? Although there have been times that I have found solace in a jar of almond butter, by staying away from some of my major trigger foods like refined sugar and focusing on nourishing foods like veggies, I avoid a downward spiral. Eating healthy keeps my mood stable and my immune system strong.

Slowing Down:  This has been the hardest for me to accept. As a highly energetic and motivated person, I was shocked to realize that some days I didn’t feel like doing anything. Working felt too hard. Writing was impossible. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and watch TV.  And so I did, and much to my surprise, it really helped. Slowing down is helping me heal.


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