Nollapelli Eye Mask and Silk Pillowcase helps you rest, restore and rejuvenate.

Actively restore your eye area while you rest using textile technology invented and patented by Chemical Engineer and entrepreneur Allison Howard founder of Nollapelli. Their pillowcase has all the beauty and benefits of silk and is easy to take care of because of it’s magic combination created by our very own Lesson In Chemisty Chemical Engineer Allison Howard. Hear what she has to say about the science.

Allison is offering BA50s a great price through the end of the year. Normally $47 for the pillow case, take $10 off with this link and the $67 eye mask is now $20 less. So the total bundle is $30 through the end of the year.

This is a great gift for yourself, and the men and women in your life.

Go to the head of the class with this Lesson In Chemistry.


Watch This Lesson In Textile Chemistry as Allison Howard Explains the Science of Her Eye Mask and  Pillow Case


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