“How did the search go? Did you find anyone?” I asked my friend.

“I cannot find a single plus-size influencer over the age of 40.” She replied.

We were working on a blog about body positivity. We both follow Katie Sturino and Remi Bader, plus-size models who use humor and lots of free clothing to promote acceptance of all shapes and sizes. The needle in the haystack that was alluding us was a woman in her 50s or 60s, with curves and a few extra pounds, showing us how comfortable she was in her own skin.

We grew up in a time of one size fits all super models and those super models were long legged and a size 2. Remember Brooke Shields and the “nothing that came between her and her Calvins.” Or Elle Macpherson nicknamed “The Body.”

Oh! How we wish Katie and Remi had been our friends when we were chubby twelve-year-olds, having already gone through puberty and stopped growing while our friends could still eat Yodels, Ring Dings, and Doritos and stay as slim as athletic boys. Oh! How we longed for that twelve-year-old boy body.

Not Katie. Not Remi. They are all about body positivity. Katie posts Instagram pictures of herself in the same outfit as the chicest celebs; a la “Who Wore It Best”. Her hashtag is #SuperSizeTheLook but her catch phrase is “Remember it’s never about who wore it better because that mindset just keeps us down.” Then she posts the brand and size of her outfit; often 18 or 20 or XXL. Take that Glamour and Joan Rivers Fashion Police.


#SuperSizeTheLook #KateMiddleton

Remi posts hilarious Insta videos where she tries on clothes and dances and preens for the camera with a running commentary on the fit. Despite her curves and plus size, she loves crop tops and skimpy bottoms. What a great role model for young girls and women who are beautiful but not as slim as some. Remi makes us smile. Remi makes us laugh. Remi makes fun of herself but most importantly, Remi shows women of all sizes that they are beautiful and worthy of beautiful clothes, fun crop tops, and bodycon dresses.


“Did you see the pics of Kim Kardashian from the Met Gala? I heard she lost 16 pounds in three weeks in order to fit into a Marilyn Monroe dress. So much for her embracing her curves!” I said.

1962 to 2022

“Can you believe she ran twice a day in a sauna suit and ate only vegetables. There is nothing healthy about that.” My friend replied.

Kim used to represent curves and hips and booty and boobs. Body parts that all women have and should love. We don’t want to go back to Kate Moss.  We don’t want that for our daughters or our sons.

“You know, by the way, that Kim Kardashian is only 41?” I mentioned.

“Katie and Remi it is then! They have to be our role models.” She said.

We are so proud that we are embracing this body positivity trend. People come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful and worthy and should not strive to be anything other than healthy and happy.

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