The New York Times #1 most popular article last week was “There Is A Right Way to Wash Your Hair” … it was clicked on more than the lead article on nuclear weapons and North Korea, Trump’s First 100 days, Trump’s Tax plan and a piece about Diet Sodas Tied To Dementia…

By the time we reached fifty we thought we would have figured out some basics we wouldn’t have to ask “the experts” a.k.a. our friends and our kids.  Apparently that’s not the case for washing our hair and a few other elementary rituals. The truth is we can’t resist advice on anything that will give us a fresher, perkier, more awake look after 50.

At coffee with my pals the other morning, we all agreed that there were a few basic self-care items we needed some outside support on– more than just hair washing. Starting from the head and on down to the toes…

Our top five most obvious self-care concerns after 50 were unanimous: hair, eyes, boobs, butts and feet.

#1.  Washing our hair. This piece bears repeating since no matter how many times I read the New York Times story, I’m still confused on how best to towel dry my curls.

Star colorist, Christophe Robin’s method in this article does make sense. And who are we to say that you can’t teach some “old dogs” new hair washing tricks…“That’s my most asked question at the salon now: ‘How do I wash my hair?’” said Mr. Robin, the star colorist who tends the locks of Catherine Deneuve and Tilda Swinton.”

Read more here

#2.  Eyeliner. Seems like a no brainer but apparently not! Have you even heard of tightlining eyeliner?  What the hell is tightlining? Why should you tightline and how do you do it without permanently damaging yourself. Will it make your eyes look more open?

At your age, why should you consider a pencil or a gel under your eyes or above? How come we are stumped after 50….Haven’t you been doing this since you were 17?  Maybe because there is a trick to give us a younger more awake look?

Apparently you may need help if you think it’s that simple. Here’s some questions you best ask yourself or seek expert advice on. Do you apply it under your eyes, at the edge of your lids and where do you end it? Which one doesn’t smudge? Should you get a gel, a pencil or a liquid liner? What color do we use to match our eye color. What looks too harsh?

The experts at Buzzfeed know the answers and I’m betting you will click on this link too because this is great advice… and we still need it.  18 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Eyeliner.

Tightlining…Why Should We Do This

#3. Getting a Bra-lift. Don’t you have a go-to bra by now? Haven’t you figured out what makes you look best? Apparently not. Time to call in the experts because this topic is a googled daily…globally!

I can only relate to B-cup boobs which seemed like a non issue and un-droopable until I hit 50.  Gravity pulls hard even on the little things and the truth is after 50 even smaller breasts droop.

Call in the experts! Here’s some great advice A and B-cup women will want to know… 12 Best Bras and Accessories for Small Boobs.

This Bra is only $20… I’m going to try it!

Apparently This One Works

#4.  Underwear: Are you hoping nothing comes between you and your Calvin’s? Are you really stumped about which underpants to wear? You hate thongs?  Have you grown out of your Hanky Panky’s in more ways that you care to admit?

How can you be confident you don’t have a VPL (visible panty line)?

My nearest and dearest tells me nothing works and she is now going “commando” to yoga class.

Apparently by popular demand these underpants are great for VPL and are comfortable too.  Read more about them here: How To Get Rid Of Visible Panty Lines Without Wearing A Thong?

Here’s a trio of Calvin’s for those of us who need a starter kit.

No more VPL Really?

#5. Flip flops that don’t give you plantar fasciitis. I wrote about this back in 2013 and I managed to rid myself of this misery. The comments on the post were so helpful and I was thrilled to be able to walk pain free. One of the things I learned was not to wear flat flip flops but I’m incorrigible. Come summer I want to wear flip flops so like a child I keep going back to “the google” looking for the best flip fl0ps until I get the answer I want because I’m not giving them up.

I found this brand called Kuru.. and they look great!

    Old feet need advice on flip flops
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