So by now you probably have read about the new “it” color for 2014 according to Pantone– Radiant Orchid.  I am not sold on whether it will look good with every complexion, but before you run out and buy a pink creation for the new year, why not enjoy the beautiful shade of green that was “it” for 2013?  Greens can look fresh and beautiful on most women – it’s just a matter of shade.  Try things on and see how they look.

For this week, I put together a casual outfit for your holiday party with a sparkly green top and black cords with fabulous boots.  Statement necklaces to choose from and gold as the metal accent for all the jewelry.  If you just aren’t sold on green (you don’t know how it will look unless you try it–really), I threw in a simple shiny, red silk top to replace the green top and a black and gold statement necklace to wear with it.

A word about statement necklaces. I tend to go for a simpler and classy necklace look.  Remember my KISS – keep it simple and stylish?  I know statement necklaces are popular right now, and if you love ’em, wear ’em.  My only advice would be to not spend a fortune on them, because the trend will drift back the other way eventually.

casual fashion for the holidays


For the dressy party look for this week, I went all out with two party dresses in black and green.  I loved them both, so you get another bonus.  I would recommend wearing the one with a full skirt if your bottom half is more bottom heavy.  The sheath dress is a knock-out with lace overlay. Again, don’t be concerned about bare arms, because there are two cover-ups to choose from – a black velvet stole and a velvet bolero.

Several choices for necklaces and earrings and emerald/rhinestone/diamond accents.  There are all price points.  I would mix up the jewelry, so it doesn’t look too matchey-matchey.  The sparkle bow suede pump show finishes off the look.  Wear whatever heel height is comfortable for you.  A princess heel would look great.  Wear sheer, black or no hosiery.

dressy fashion for the holidays


Enjoy your parties and be the envy of all the ladies – in your black and green!  Hint:  all the dressy looks in this series would look fabulous for New Year’s Eve!  Next week: an amazing look for New Year’s Eve and also a surprise outfit–see you next week!

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