Bravo to our BA50 readers and writers who took the bathing suit plunge and sent a photo and wonderful thoughts. We have alot to be proud of.  Wishing everyone a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and don’t be shy — put on your bathing suit and jump into the start of a new season.

Robin Kaplan @DevonRoadJewelry

After a 6 mile hike and swim so grateful for my body

After a 6 mile hike and swim so grateful for my body


Susan Thomas

I’ll be 68 in June

I’ll be 68 in June


Joan Foley: BA50 Writer

I’ve always loved the feeling I have at the beach. It’s the one place I feel comfortable in a swimsuit no matter my body size or shape. Age just comes along for the ride.

Joan Foley


Dorrie Louise Kimkaran – Age 66


Dorrie Louise Kimkaran


Sue Duncan – @simplyperfectskin

This is me at 58 and feeling fab! Age is just a number and exercise is the key to a healthy mind and body. 

Sue Duncan - @simplyperfectskin


Liz Kurkjian-Henry– BA50 Writer

Girls Trip 2023. Probably our 15th or 20th since we graduated college in 1974. Back then this ‘I never burn’ Armenian wore no sunscreen, a bikini but with the tiniest of cut off jeans to cover the upper thighs -my lifelong body nemesis. A scratchy Army blanket to lie my ache-free body on and a styrofoam cooler full of Tab. That night I’d slather myself with Bonne Bell moisturizer to highlight my sun-bronzed face, lots of Maybelline mascara and multiple swipes of frosted lipstick. Now it’s SPF 50, a book on Audible, earbuds and sunglasses ( removed for this picture). And of course the hat to cover the hair which, like everything else BA50, tends to dry out.

Liz Kurkjian-Henry



I just turned 60 and I am more comfortable in my skin now than I ever have been. Thank you for this challenge!

Bathing suit photo

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