There’s so much to celebrate after 50 and 60 but bathing suit shopping is not high on that list. Most sane people shop on-line for bathing suits but, during a trip this past week to Florida, my girlfriend and I dared to try on bathing suits.

We went to a gorgeous store in Palm Beach which had  incredible offerings and I figured being a retirement community — they would have plenty of experience with women our age.

I’ve been in ski clothes all winter and my body hasn’t seen sun since last summer so the thought of standing in front of that mirror with my pasty skin.  But as Ghandi said — “If not now — when?”

The two women behind the counter looked willing and able and so I began with what I thought would be just a few requests for direction.

“ Excuse me — do you have a suit that won’t mash my breasts— they seem to have slid down my chest and I need to reclaim them?”

“Well I think we can find you an underwire — would that work?”

“Sure and I need a lot of patterns – something to distract the eye from the torso?”

“Hmmm  — Ok?

“Oh and please ample fabric in the butt would be ideal if you could direct me?”

“Oh and something with ruching or plenty of girdling.”  “Do people use those words anymore?” I eyed the designer glittered bathing caps my mother loved to wear and thought — they definitely cater to women 20 years older than me. 

“Well — why don’t you take a look around,” the lovely lady smiled hopefully. “You seem to know just what you want.”

She was right – I know just what I want and it’s not on the rack — it’s my 40 year old taut body with 34 B breasts with elasticity.  The truth is — That’s not how I thought about my body back then either. This negative self-body talk has gone on forever. Why do I have to be so apologetic about my body — every time I look at a picture from 5 years ago I think – “You looked great — how come you didn’t think so then?”

But it’s body truth time! No wonder my bathing suits are so old. TO be specific, I haven’t bought a new bathing suit in 5 years. The last two I bought were $40 from Amazon and they have been great for swimming laps but are starting to dissolve.  I thought perhaps the fabrics and styles have evolved over the years and I would invest some time and money in a really good suit.

Somehow the salesperson managed to find a few suits for me to try on and I reluctantly headed to the dressing room.

How many times have I “faced the mirror” reminding myself to be kind to myself.  I looked up at the lights as I started to undress.

“Do you have a dimmer for your overhead lights….how is this not a priority for bathing suit shoppers?”

The salesperson laughed.

And then it began — too big, too tight — too mashy – too much skin — to old ladyish. 

It was a misery marathon but I was determined. And then my friend pulled a suit from the rack for me and said — “This would look great on you.”

And low and behold — A tankini – a gorgeous blue green color. I felt good – I wanted to buy 3 in many colors but alas this was all they had.

Success!   I know this one will be worn to the threads.

Here’s some great suits I loved that I think our BA50s would like too..


Sophie Shelf Bra Tankini Top

Sophie Shelf Bra Tankini Top

Appear slimmer and sleeker in seconds in Magicsuit’s fashionable body-control swimwear designed for the modern woman.


Randee Rashguard One-Piece Swimsuit

Randee Rashguard One-Piece Swimsuit

Sporty style meets sun protection in our Randee Rashguard One-Piece. This long-sleeve swimsuit makes a splash with a gold front zipper, sleek high-cut leg, and bold Lilly print.


Coastal Ruched Halter Tankini Top

Coastal Ruched Halter Tankini Top

Enjoy every beach and poolside party this season in a tankini top with a ruched center panel and fully adjustable tie straps.


Pave the Way Tankini Top

Pave the Way Tankini Top

A vibrant print brings eye-catching style to a swim top fashioned with thin, adjustable shoulder straps.


Illusionists Azura Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

Illusionists Azura Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds!® An asymmetrical neckline and angled mesh insets sculpt knockout curves in a stunning swimsuit enhanced by the smoothing, shaping effects of exclusive Miratex® fabric—designed to firm, hold and shape without any uncomfortable panels.


Island Goddess High Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

Island Goddess High Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

Head to the pool or beach in this ruched swimsuit fashioned with a shape-sculpting design and keyhole opening to expose a peek of skin.



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