set some bad ass goalsIf I write down my goal, will that help me reach it? If I make my goal really Bad Ass – meaning a big, big stretch for me – somewhat outrageous – then will I really go for it because it’s exciting?  The answer is “yes” and “yes.” When we write down our goals, the chances of achieving them are enhanced.  If we’re excited, challenged and adrenalized about our goal, we will keep working on it.

I learned a few things about goal setting from my years as a Life and Executive coach. Here are five key elements to making sure your goal is a success:

1. Make it Doable: Set a Goal that’s achievable in three to six months;

2. Make it Challenging: Set a Goal that gets your Heart Pumping;

3. Have Accountability: Find a Coach or Partner to keep you accountable (someone to check in with);

4. Celebrate: Think about how you will celebrate your goal when you achieve it;

5. Write it all down: Write down the goal and keep track of your progress in a notebook– that you carry with you.

I needed to use these Top Five reminders when I set my Bad-Ass goals to launch and grow, and this is how they played out:

My Motivation for Goal Setting

I started two years ago because I was really annoyed with all the frumpy, slightly depressing, humorless print and on-line media for mid-life women. My favorite print magazine started shifting toward the  “younger”  30-somethings to attract more advertising. I get it– we all gotta make a buck. But hey, what are we supposed to read? – who’s talking to us? – where’s our voice?

I wanted to embrace the possibilities ahead post-50, not in pining for my youthful body and hormones and what was.  I was not going to wrap up my second half in a neat little bow and put on my seat belt and wait for body decay to take hold. I wanted to flex my muscles and get my heart pumping. I wanted to bring on my “what’s next?” with energy and excitement. I didn’t want to move sideways, letting the years drift and define me – I wanted to take charge of these years and wake up excited about this next phase. And I wanted to do this with other women.

So every year, I set a Bad-Ass Goal (otherwise known as a BA50 goal)

1. My BA50 Goal 2011: To Launch  On November 11, 2011 BA50 had its first reader and a year later, we had 500,000 page views.

2. My BA50 Goal 2012: To Find a Business Partner and Grow BA50 to 1 million page views and host Better After 50 events. Ronna Benjamin and I became business partners in 2012 and we haven’t stopped laughing and creating since we tied the knot. We held our first SHE DID IT/Boston event at Babson College and it sold out and our page views came in at 1.5 million.

3. My BA50 Goal 2013: More readers—More SHE DID IT events. As of December 31, 2013 — we have nearly  8 million page views. Today, over 3,000 blogs/posts/articles & videos have been published on our site and we hosted our second SHE DID IT/NY event at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY and it Sold Out!

4. My BA50 Goal 2014: To Spread the BA50 message of Possibility to Every Woman at Mid-Life and Inspire Them To Take Their Next Step. My other Bad-Ass goal: To write a book! AND — To create the most Bad-Ass She Did It/Boston 2014 Event EVER! (March 24th)

So now it’s your turn —  and BA50 wants to help you.

Ready to get your adrenaline pumping and try something new in 2014? Ready to make a mark this year on your life? What are you going for?  Personal bests? Making a Difference in Your Community? Learning something new?  Is this the year you start Meditating? Painting? Cleaning out your Space? Committing to Health Goals? Travel Goals? Relationship Goals?  Starting a business? What’s it gonna be?

This is what we at BA50 have learned:

  1. Women’s inspiration and motivation is drawn from one another’s stories
  2. Women feel better when we dare to set a Goal and actually GO FOR IT!
  3. Women love to celebrate and share their successes and be recognized

So, What’s Your BA50 (Bad-Ass) Goal for 2014?

1. Sign up here and let us know:

Enter Your BA50 Goal and we will publish your goal (not with your name- — don’t worry)

2. We will check in with you once a month to see how you are doing–this is how we can help you with accountability.

3. Then — you can forward your “published goal” and share it with your friends. To increase your chances of reaching your goal – write it down and share it.  We believe in you, and even better, you may help other women to set a courageous goal as well.

4. In six months (by summer solstice – June 21st)  you  will have written to us about how your goal is going – we want to publish what happened for you – send us pictures – send us videos –- send us your post.  We want to celebrate you – hear about your journey as you tackle your “what’s next?”  What are you waiting for?

5. Celebrate: By the way – there’s a prize for signing on:  Your prize – Just Doing It!

6. If you want to really get a jump start then sign up for She Did It/Boston today (March 24th @ Babson College)

It’s your Time – Go For It. If Not Now, Then When?

2014 – Bring it ON!!!


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