It’s almost Mother’s Day and I can’t think of a better gift for a Mom than a new baby….even if it’s not ours. I have an ear to ear grin just watching the joy as the the Royals present their new young child to the world.

I’m talking about Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor aka Baby Sussex. I joined millions to watch this top trending New York Times video of our favorite Meghan and Harry with Baby Sussex.

World news has tilted my internal axis upside down and I’m registering “A” for anxious. I open my eyes each morning wondering if we are going to war and who we are pissing off. These are not settling times and for politically, globally and environmentally minded citizens…we are all trying to figure out how to settle our minds when world news is totally out of control. (Think rocket launches in North Korea, military build up in Iran, a China trade war and our own domestic political twitter war.) This all can be characterized by a policy of brinksmanship and that’s downright unsettling.

But then there’s Baby Sussex. “Hello, there little fella, you make us smile.”

There’s nothing like a new baby to make us feel hopeful and remind us we can’t sweep stuff under the carpet as the future is more for them than us.

This Mother’s Day I am reflecting about how important Moms are because of what we have created….the next generation, modeling of strong family relationships and traditions, an ability to negotiate and let the small stuff slide in favor of keeping the peace and of course, a belief in the future (otherwise why would we have brought those critters onboard).

So happy Mother’s Day to all you BA50s and hope you are feeling grateful. This weekend I will be surrounded by my boys and celebrating with my older boy’s new family and community. I am grateful we will all be together. I am grateful for my Mom who is now 86 and sharp as a tack. I adore my 2 step-sons, and our siblings. These good thoughts have a magic power of bringing the world into balance, (even if it’s just for a weekend).

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