TV quizThe modern miracle of television gained popularity during the nascent days of the Baby Boomer Era, and it wasn’t very long before there was a TV set in every home. Playing outside for hours on end was the norm for the Boomers back then, but there was still more than enough time to watch our favorite shows.

If you come through this quiz with flying colors, we’ll send you a box of Pensy Pinkies and some Double Bubble gum. (Nah, not really, but wouldn’t that be nice?)

1. The home of the family on Bonanza was

  1. Falcon Crest
  2. the Ponderosa
  3. Southfork

2. The maid on The Jetsons was

  1. Rosie
  2. Alice
  3. Hazel

3. Mary Richards lived in what city on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Minneapolis
  3. Milwaukee

4. Keith, Laurie, Danny, Chris and Tracy were

  1. the Partridge Family
  2. the Brady Bunch
  3. the Swiss Family Robinson

5. The annoying little girl on Dennis the Menace was

  1. Lucy
  2. Nancy
  3. Margaret

6. The sitcom Benson was a spinoff of which TV show?

  1. Who’s the Boss
  2. Soap
  3. Dynasty

7. Mrs. Munster’s first name was

  1. Lily
  2. Morticia
  3. Olivia

8. The name of the hangout on Happy Days was

  1. Arnold’s
  2. Mel’s
  3. Central Perk

9. Who shot J.R.?

  1. Sue Ellen Ewing
  2. Liberty Valence
  3. Kristin Shepard

10. The aunt on The Andy Griffith Show was

  1. Dee
  2. Bee
  3. Gigi

If you got more than half of these right, you are a reputable member of the Baby Boomer Generation…and, you spent waaay too much of your childhood in front of the TV. So, is it any wonder that you spend so much of your midlife time in front of a computer screen?



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