Got to love being a woman in 2018. We can wear anything and be anything. We get to express ourselves through our fashion style… blend our Nana’s coats, with our own leggings, our kid’s college sweaters with our husband’s flannel shirts or maybe just a new  purchase of something a tad outrageous.

Given the right amount of attitude, a dash of swish and saunter and a blush of confidence, there will be no fashion police intervention.

I have seen the best outfits lately – not all that I would wear, but definitely appreciate seeing on the street.





Just found these awesome shoes at The Madewell store at the Prudential Center in Boston when shopping with my boys. They are probably more appropriate for college but who cares, I love them.  Besides, my kids gave me a thumbs up . Click here to buy…




If you find an outfit you love and want to share it with our over 35K BA50s on our Instagram, take a photo and send it to and we will post it on insta (we reserve the right not to as well), and we may even create a fashion post on this blog that includes you.  Sound fun?

Please include in your email the designer or labels on the stuff you are photographing, please send along with a comment of where you saw the outfit.  Please ask permission of any photos you shoot if it’s not you.

Have fun and  keep stylin.



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