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Want to Keep Your Grown Kids in Your Life? Learn to be the Impartial Neighbor
As difficult as it may seem to stay out of your adult children’s “issues,” they’ll like you better if you behave like a friendly neighbor (“supportive but not intrusive, caring but not worried, and generous but not forceful with ideas”) rather than a hovering parent.


Binge-Watching Netflix May Improve Your Relationship and Foster Feelings of Closeness
“For those who didn’t have many common friends in particular, the act of binge-watching was especially correlated with better relationship quality, indicating that it helped couples bridge the gap between their different social worlds.”


Activity Trackers May Undermine Weight Loss Efforts
The results of a recent study suggest that “activity monitors may not change our behavior in the way we expected, and raise interesting questions about the tangled relationships between exercise, eating, our willpower and our waistlines.”


More Women Than Ever Are Putting Off Retirement
“Now, more women are working at ages when their mothers and grandmothers were long retired. Economists and other academics are trying to figure out why, and new research suggests the trend will continue, and could accelerate.”


The Drug Industry Might Finally Have An Answer For Migraines
“A handful of drug companies are pressing ahead with novel injectable therapies for migraines, chasing a blockbuster market that Wall Street analysts say could reach $8 billion a year in worldwide sales.”

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