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If You Want to Influence People, Don’t Try to Persuade Them: Use “Pre-Suasion” Instead
“Research done in the last fifteen years shows that optimal persuasion is achieved through optimal pre-suasion: the practice of arranging for people to agree with a message before they know what’s in it.”


Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?
Do you ever remember hearing that dogs’ mouths were cleaner than humans’ mouths? Well, apparently, they are not.


Talking to Your Therapist About Election Anxiety
“It has been described as one of the most contentious, tawdry and angry presidential elections in history. And it’s taking a toll on our mental health.”


Colonoscopy Prep May Be Getting Less Horrible
It’s bad enough having to get a colonoscopy, but why does the prep sometimes seem worse than the procedure? The times they may be a-changin’



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