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How Medical Marijuana Could Help Boomers Get the Most Out of Retirement
“Why the boost to employment? Simply put, overall health appeared to be better in states with medical marijuana laws. In those states, older men were 5 percent more likely to say they were in ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ health. And part of the reason men rated their health better is because they were in less pain: the passage of a medical marijuana law led to roughly a 10 percent drop in the percent of men saying they experienced pain.”


Millennials Aren’t Big Spenders or Risk Takers and That’s Going to Change the Economy
“Instead of material wealth, millennials show off through their travels, hobbies and even meals, which get photographed and posted on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.”


More Employers Are Offering Telemedicine, But Why Aren’t Workers Using It?
“So far, employees haven’t warmed to the idea, either because they don’t understand it, don’t know it’s available or because they’re skeptical of getting a doctor’s opinion via telephone.

Boomers at Desert Trip Break New Ground — and the Bank
“An event aimed specifically at the commune-embracing ‘Steal this Book’ generation will be the most lucrative music festival on record.”


Your Doctor’s Politics May Influence the Health Care You Get
“A new study suggests patient care may vary depending on whether the doctor is a Democrat or a Republican — at least when it comes to some hot-button health issues like firearm safety.”

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