Aren’t water-logged shoes just the worst? Lucky for us, these¬†foldable, water-resistant booties¬†exist. Available in an¬†array of colors¬†to suit every mood (I’ve built up quite the collection!), they were developed over seven years by a genius designer named Holly-Dale Shapiro, who decided enough was enough after stepping out of a limousine into an ankle-deep puddle, ruining her coveted Jimmy Choo’s. (Can you¬†imagine?!) Anyway, you simply¬†zip them on over heels up to four inches high,¬†and they protect your precious investments.¬†Rain, snow, hail‚ÄĒweather is no match for these guys. They’re the ultimate fall hack.¬†I keep a pair in my purse at all times,¬†and seriously couldn’t imagine life without them.


With six carbon steel blades and a¬†gorgeous walnut handle,¬†this is the only¬†pumpkin carving tool¬†you‚Äôll ever need. I mean, just¬†look¬†at it! After years of searching for a hardworking, beautiful tool that wasn’t crafted out of plastic, one of our curators stumbled upon a¬†small company in New York’s Hudson Valley¬†that had been making cutlery and knives for woodworkers and leatherworkers¬†since 1927.¬†Imagine all the stories these materials could tell…


I’m in love with this beautiful stationary brand we just discovered. Did you know that keeping a journal is proven to help you cope with anxiety and depression? I also find it keeps my mind active and creativity flowing. I’m always jotting down my thoughts and inspirations into this gorgeous notepad. Handcrafted in America using only the finest materials, this incredible collection includes a charcoal notebook with a lined interior, a white workbook with grid interior (I use it for sketching!), a stunning brass pencil cup, adhesive notes, and a memo pad‚ÄĒbasically everything you need to get your life in shape. It looks so stunning on your tabletop, too.


This products helps with skin elasticity and is great for young women and BA50’s as well.

Using this aromatherapeutic body-firming duo is like stepping into a spa and receiving lipo all in one. I’m not even kidding‚ÄĒit’s great! You start with the Erbaviva firming salt. Used in the bath or shower as an energizing scrub, it contains pure sea salt infused with organic essential grapefruit and helichrysum oils that awaken your senses and, most importantly, tone your skin. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that absorb right into the skin for a total tightening effect. Then follow up with the nutrient-rich firming oil (my favorite part…it’s like smothering liquid gold all over your body). Made with a blend of avocado and olive oils that glide on to naturally encourage cell regeneration and promote skin elasticity, it’s perfect for helping with toning and smoothing skin during pregnancy and post-childbirth‚ÄĒEmma said, “my best friend just had a baby, and can’t get enough of the stuff because it’s that good‚ÄĚ. ¬†We think it will work for our skin after 50 as we need all the tightening we can get.


When it comes to anti-aging, you cannot neglect the delicate skin around your eyes! We adore this richly nutritious treatment. Made from 100-percent certified organic, steam-distilled essential oils (jasmine, rose, and vetiver), it’s specially formulated to moisturize and smooth the eye area, and absolutely packed with vitamins A, E and F‚ÄĒthe holy trinity of detoxifying, anti-aging minerals. Emma says “I’ve always suffered from dark circles, so I was skeptical to begin with, but it works… You just soften the balm by rubbing a little between your finger tips (a little goes a long way), and then gently pat the product into the skin around your eyes using light tapping motions. After a couple weeks, I noticed that any fine lines I had were diminished, and I had this glow I’d never seen before.”. This brand is definitely one to watch…


Our Friends over at AHA are selling these like hotcakes.¬†Sealed with exclusive prayer beads, these¬†nine golden bangles¬†provide a constant reminder of your daily intentions throughout the day. But how? Well, in the morning, you decide what’s important to you. Then you¬†focus, and send a little prayer out into the universe¬†before going about your day looking¬†super chic and gorgeous.¬†In the evening as you remove each bangle, you can¬†be grateful¬†for the things you received during your day. It really works. Plus, the bangles are just so stylish. Practicing¬†positive, mindful¬†thinking has made a huge difference to my outlook on life‚ÄĒyou can never underestimate the power of good energy!¬†


Featured in a few of my most trusted beauty sources (Byrdie and Into the Gloss love this), Catalyst Gold is a breakthrough daily vegan supplement specifically developed to re-program your whole system at a cellular level. It provides total nourishment and detoxifies without the harshness of fasting or unrealistic dietary restrictions (seriously, it’s time we forgot about the Master Cleanse and all those fad diets‚ÄĒit’s totally not sustainable, and can actually lead to problems with your metabolism later on). I’ve been taking it for about eight days now, and I’m already noticing a difference: my jeans seem to fit a little less snug, and I just feel better all round. But how, you ask?! It’s packed with some pretty potent ingredients like biotin (revitalizes hair and skin,no breakouts here!), dandelion root (great for regulating your digestive system and curbing your appetite), astragalus extract (boosts and balances your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems), alongside superfoods and minerals like chlorella, spirulina, and acai berry for an amazing glow that comes from within. And the key is that it lasts. With regular use, your body naturally develops the ability to cut unhealthy cravingsand increase energy levels for good. A total miracle product.


I know they may look slightly insane, but we’re loving these patented acupressure mats in the AHA office! So, a little background… Did you know that the energy flow in your body affects everything: your thoughts, feelings, and body health? Well, it does, and when blockages occur, it’s not good news (increased stress, back pain, sadness…the list goes on). That’s where acupressure comes in‚ÄĒit helps relieve pain, strengthen your reproductive system, relieve tension in the back, and even heal emotional challenges. But that’s not all… Sitting on one of these bobbly, textured mats for just 30 minutes a day increases your local skin circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite while you sit‚ÄĒyes, all that while you sit! All the girls here sit on one while we work, and it even reminds us to get up and stretch once we’ve had it activated for an hour. So clever.

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