Can you imagine having to be in full makeup whenever you leave the house?!? We average gals are lucky enough to not have the paparazzi following us around each time we head to Target or the dentist, but celebrities are very seldom totally alone and it’s difficult for them to blend into the scenery. How nice to see that some of them, regardless of who’s watching, do not feel the need to always be camera-ready. These confident ladies face the world au naturel, sans makeup…and still manage to look radiant. Which BA50 celebs have you ever encountered sans makeup?


Helen MIrren sans makeup


Helen Mirren, looking smashing.


susan sarandon without makeup

Susan Sarandon, not afraid to meet the press au naturel.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus looking a little chilly, but still fresh and glowing.


Meryl Streep without makeup

Meryl Streep strolling without her foundation.


glenn close without makeup0-Hollywood_veteran_Glenn_Close_posed_for_a_selfie_with_an_extra_a-m-25_1435079752750Glenn Close looking splendid!

What other au natural BA50’s do you admire?

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