Give a gift — Support a Village of Women.

Felice met Valeri in Paris and was taken by her mission to support 70 women in Mali who live on the fair trade of their bracelets. (see video)

The bracelets are made from flexible recycled plastic. The sale of these bracelets not only help these women but the children of Dakar.  (The Empire Des Enfants Center in Dakar).  Valerie found these bracelets in Dakar and traced their origins to the women of Mali.

The profits from the sale of these bracelets helps to support these women of Mali and children of Dakar.

The Jokko Bracelet – The Solidarity Project  (Jokko means All Together)

You Can Buy Them Here On BA50 in Small, Medium or Large sizes.

$10 Bracelets (minimum) $25 (includes shipping)

$20 Bracelets  $50 includes shipping

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