If you could find an extremely fashion forward outfit that worked for every aspect of your day, would you buy it?

If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Since athleisure is an increasingly popular choice of fashion, we at BA50 are  here to help you stay trendy, comfortable, and versatile in all aspects of your life.

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One trend that’s crept into the high fashion world is the addition of regular gym sneakers which can be warn with every day clothing or work out wear.

Let’s start your athleisure journey with footwear! Incorporating a gym shoe, or sneaker into your everyday outfit can not only elevate your look but also make it easier for you to switch into your gym clothes for a quick class or cardio session.

Make your shoes work with everything and stick to black or white.  Check out the  APL TECHLOOM BLISS KNIT SNEAKER or the NIKE AIR ZOOM MARIAH FLYKNIT RACER SNEAKER for a flexible, comfortable, and breathable fit.

The easiest of all athleisure pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe is a pair of leggings! It you find a sleek enough fit they can be worn to the gym, to brunch, and to work if you’re feeling like pushing the fashion boundaries just a little. Try the ALO HIGH WAISTED MOTO LEGGINGS for a comfy yet sexy gym look. Their flattering high waistline, pin-tucked panels, and mesh elements make them perfect for the treadmill. Switch out your gym shirt for a blouse, and then you’re ready for date night! If you love the trendy mesh look, but leather isn’t your thing, the UNDERARMOUR HEAT GEAR FASHION ANKLE CROP LEGGINGS is another alternate. Feeling a little more bold? Try leggings with a pattern or a bright color and pair it with a more simple shirt to create the same polished look with a little more personality. The ONZIE HIGH WAISTED PRINT LEGGINGS would be for you. The high waisted slim fit, paired with the flattering geometric pattern will give you that hourglass figure that’s to die for.

If you’re feeling a little more relaxed, you’re needing a little more comfort, and your day consists of more simple elements, joggers are absolutely the route you want to go. You can choose a classic, wardrobe staple like the ADIDAS SST TRACK PANT. This well known piece, found in almost any fashionista’s closet is the perfect example of athleisure gone high fashion. They make for a fashion forward gym look, as well as a casual, yet fun pant to wear out with friends. On the other hand the NIKE SPORTSWEAR TECH FLEECE JOGGER provide a more athletic look if you are just in need of a casual pant to be worn to a from the gym.

Shorts at times can be a scary thing, but the weather does get hot at times, and pants don’t always allow us to breathe when we’re doing an intense workout. Biker shorts are the perfect compromise. They are long enough to allow any shape or size to feel a little less body conscious but short enough to still cool us down just enough so we can push through that intense workout. THE GOOD AMERICAN ICON HIGH WAISTED SHORTS are a perfect example. Their high elastic waist band and stretchy, breathable fabric have the ability to shape all different bodies in all the right ways, and their contemporary feel make for a different approach to a fashionable outfit.

With great pants comes great responsibility. That’s why you’re going to need an abundance of stylish, athletic shirts to go with them. In this aspect of your wardrobe, simplicity is key. A simple t-shirt allows you to be a fashion chameleon; you can slip into any situation, and no one will know you’re sporting a stylish look that was meant for the gym. A simple color and t- shirt are the easiest to dress up and dress down, especially if the rest of your ensemble is a little more stand out. For the cold try ZELLA TWISTY TURN TEE the light flowy fabric, paired with the simple tie in the front create an interesting and simple feel especially since you can flip the shirt to be in the front or the back! If not the ZELLA RELEASE CUT OUT TEE is easily turned from a day at the gym to a busy day at work with just the addition of a blazer.

As the weather cools down, and in-style jackets are flying off the shelves, you may want to go for a different approach if you want to stand out amongst your fellow fashionistas. The SHAPE ACTIVEWEAR INCOGNITO FALL WRAP is perfect! This flowy jacket with contrasting tones is perfect to thrown on to instantly elevate your look. If the weather is too cold to show off you bold jacket, hop on the teddy bear trend with the ZELLA SHEAR UP PULL OVER. This piece is perfect to throw on to keep out the cold as you go about your daily errands.

As any woman on the go knows, you need something to hold it all together. Sometimes a purse isn’t practical. It’s too small size, while trendy, can’t hold your bag essentials and your gym wear all at once, and sometimes large totes can put a lot of unnecessary weight on your shoulders. To keep your belongings moving with you, the SWEATY BETTY ALL SPORT BACKPACK is a must have. The light weight material won’t add any additional weight, and the chic, sporty design will do wonders for your ensemble.

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