Val Haller

Dear Mom, You Rock.

I'm actually like you... a 54-year-old mother of four, living in Chicago with my husband. an empty nester and a boomer. Probably the only difference is, I started a music business five years ago that’s been my passion....

Mid Life – Valslist

Mid Life (Listen in iTunes) SONGS THAT UNDERSTAND. New to Valslist: Camper Van Beethoven, Land of Talk, Rob Jungklas, Kasey Chambers, Gustavo Santaolalla, Davi...

WORKOUT :: Get Up & Go

To start your resolutions off right! THIS WILL GET YOU OFF THE COUCH. GO RUN OR DANCE. Faves by Chris Brown, Two Door Cinema Club, Loona, Coldplay, Rihanna, G...
Val Haller

Val Haller

Val is founder/CEO of (launched 7 years ago.) She writes the music column for Make It Better magazine, authored a weekly music match series for the New York Times, has a personal blog mini music note, and is a regular guest on the morning television show “You & Me This Morning” (WCIU “The U”) Her business has branched out in myriad directions, Val interviews bands, does press at music festivals, started a music club for adults, hosts house concerts in her home, took 30 adults to Lollapalooza, and recently launched a mobile app ValslistRadio (Valslist playlists for your phone). Val has been vetted by Oprah, Katie Couric, WGN, FOX, Chicago Sun-Times, WNYC public radio, NYT, NS Magazine, and music industry moguls, Bob Lefsetz, Norm Winer of WXRT, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, and more. For more about Val, visit these websites: Val’s music blog mini music note – Val’s NYT Music Match column – Val’s house concerts – Val’s monthly TV spot – Val’s app ValslistRadio –