Sharyn Greenstein

Gravity Cooling Blanket $259

Refresh Your Bed for Sweat-Free Nights: Cooling Comforters, Sheets and Blankets

If you are tired of waking up with night sweats, or you and your partner can't agree on how high or low to keep the bedroom thermostat, it might be time to buy some new bedding with temperature-regulating features. Gravity Blankets has a new blanket made with a revolutionary cooling fabric to help wick away moisture. Here are weighted blankets, comforters and sheets with cooling properties for sweat-free slumber. ...

Less Germs, More Style: Crossbody and Fanny Packs for BA50’s

Hands- freed bags are popular now. Many of us do not want to set our purse down in grocery carts, on dining tables or on a friend's patio. The "it bag" is a small but stylish bag we can carry hands-free that will fit our essentials, including our mask, hand sanitizer and maybe a few Chlorox wipes. Check these fanny packs and cross body bags out....
White blouses

Better After 50 Top Ten White Blouses

Look effortless and chic with these hip white blouses. Unbutton a few buttons on a silk blouse for a sexy, relaxed look. Pair an oversized white cotton shirt with distressed denim for a hip look. Belt a tailored crisp white blouse with a pencil skirt or high waisted trousers for instant sophistication. In summertime, choose a linen blouse and tie a knot......
Jean Jackets

Jean Jackets With An Edge

Whether distressed, dark denim, white, cropped or oversized, a jean jacket is the most versatile jacket in your closet.  You can dress it up or dress it down and it always feels "just right." A jean jacket also looks great styled with a bandana around your neck, which, during these Covid times, can be pulled up over your face quickly if you need to socially distance yourself while dining outside or on a walk....
EPNY Linear Hexagon Skort $93

Great Women’s Golf Clothing: GFore and More

Want to stand out in the crowd with trendy, bold golf attire? G/FORE, owned by Peter Millar, became well known for their brightly colored leather golf gloves. Their unique, super comfortable golf shoes quickly became fan favorites as well. Lots of styles have limited sizes available, so don’t hesitate if you want a pair. And then there's Jofit, Nivo, Epny.......
Sharyn Greenstein

Sharyn Greenstein

Hi! I’m Sharyn. I have a passion for fashion! To me, how we dress is one creative way to show on the outside who we are on the inside. I was a stylist for the women’s clothing brand Etcetera for many years. I love to provide shopping advice to help people be the best, most confident version of themselves through their attire.