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Floral Tie Dress $448

There’s a New Dress in Town and it’s Called “The Nap Dress”

New this season is an updated style of a house dress called "The Nap Dress." Trademarked by lifestyle brand Hill House, the Nap Dress is feminine and flowy and can be worn almost anywhere. As we come out of our Covid bubbles and shed our loungewear, these comfy-yet-stylish dresses might be the perfect dressing solution this spring and summer! ...
Golf clothes

5 Golf Outfits to Up Your Game this Spring

For us BA50's who love to golf but live in colder climates, we are so excited to get back out on the course with our golf buddies. Now is the time to look at our existing golf wardrobes and identify items that might need to be replaced, and also determine what no longer fits and flatters us. Check out my 5 stylish golf outfits below, including shoes and accessories, to help you look fashionable on and off the course this spring....

Top Ten Spring Sweaters in Cheery Pastels

This season, pastels are popping up on every retailer's website. Whether you gravitate towards pinks, lavenders, yellows or blues, I have found a spring sweater that will add a bounce to your step. Most are in natural fabrics like cotton and wool that breathe well and hold up season after season. All look fantastic worn with faded denim for that cool, chic vibe us BA50's love. See my Top Ten below....
Workout clothes

Slimming Work Out Clothes for Women Over 50

Finding attractive workout clothes that fit and flatter can become more challenging for women over 50. Many of us do not want to wear skin tight tops which show every lump and bump, and we want bottoms that don't show our imperfections or have waistbands that slip down while we exercise. If you haven't updated your workout wear in a while, you may want to consider some of my stylish and practical selections below. ...
Blouson Scarf Blouse $128

Flaunt Yellow Like Jamie Lee Curtis At Golden Globes

If you watched the Golden Globes on Sunday, you may have seen Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek, along with several others, wearing yellow. This happy on-trend color, which comes in many shades, from pale to golden, reminds us of the sun and warmer days ahead. Read on for my top pics of everything yellow that might spark some needed joy right now!...
Hudson Sling Bag $78

Modern Hands-Free Bags: Carry Your Essentials in Style

With our lifestyles being very different these days, many women are opting to carry a practical hands-free bag in place of a traditional larger handbag. Whether it be a sling bag, backpack, belt bag or crossbody, there is a fashionable bag to suit your needs. Offered in soft pastels for spring, year-round metallics with a bit of bling, or with studded or chain details, these easy-to-wear bags feel fresh and fun....
Mango Oversized Shirt $49.99

Oversized Button Downs: A Cool, Wearable Trend for BA50’s

Following the popularity of the shacket and the recent more relaxed denim trend, the classic button down has been updated in a very oversized way. They look chic and effortless worn over leggings or jeans, but also can be belted to show off your waistline. Read on for my Top 10 oversized button downs to update this closet essential. ...
Valentines' Day clothes

Stay At Home Valentine’s Cozy & Sexy Looks

If you are fortunate and have a partner to enjoy Valentine's Day with, have you started to think about how you will celebrate this year? Planning a romantic evening, most likely at home, will give you something to look forward to and will be well appreciated by your partner. Regardless of how you plan to celebrate, don't forget to think about your outfit in advance....
Sweet Valentine PJ’s gift set $76.50

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Adorned with Hearts

With Valentine's Day approaching, why not treat yourself or the special women in your life to a holiday-inspired gift? If you have a loved one who you won't be able to see in person this year, sending them a present is a great way to connect and celebrate the holiday. This year, hearts can be found adorning stylish sweatsuits, pajamas, bathrobes, tops, and slippers....
Sharyn Greenstein

Sharyn Greenstein

Hi! I’m Sharyn. I have a passion for fashion! To me, how we dress is one creative way to show on the outside who we are on the inside. I was a stylist for the women’s clothing brand Etcetera for many years. I love to provide shopping advice to help people be the best, most confident version of themselves through their attire.