Maxi Martin

woman alcohol

A Steamy and Sexy Start

The two women had booked a room near town and went out to the local bar. It was early June and the summer crowds hadn't hit the town yet to their relief. They took a seat at the bar and were deep in convo. "Hate to interrupt you guys, but what can I get you to drink." Rose turned toward the bar tender and her heart skipped. He was salt and peppered, rugged faced and fit, could have been late 50's early 60's, no definitely in his 60's. "Um, I wasn't going to have a drink before our big trek but now that I'm here, screw that, I'll have a Casamigos and Soda and some wings if you have. What about you Ally?" Rose barely looked at Ally, she just studied the server's face as he focused on Ally's order. She saw his eyes shift back toward her and she looked down and felt a hot flush rush on her neck. He walked away for a bit but Rose had lost her concentration, trying hard to listen as Ally was running through the logistics of tomorrow's adventure. "Ok, guys, here you go. By the way I'm Todd, where are you all in from?" Rose was listening to Todd but mostly feeling him as he spoke. It was freeing to be in a new place, untethered from anyone except the road ahead and she felt a little giddy....