Linda Vinopal

Dad and I

Dad’s Girl

"Hello Dad" I smile as his hand covers mine.  Just like that I am transported back to being Daddy's little girl, his beautiful first daughter.  Never mind that his hand covering mine is gnarled and arthritic; and that my hair at fifty-nine is a white as anyone else's in the room. I pretend not to hear the murmuring "That's Charlie's Daughter, isn't she lovely?"…and laugh when I hear him gleefully telling his Bridge cohorts as we leave the card room: "She drives that electrical car thing and, you know, they have to stop and charge halfway…"  Of course, I parked by the window. Dad.  He's always been one of the one of two people on Earth (the other my Husband) who always makes me feel loved, cherished and beautiful....
Bar Cart

The Bar Cart Dilemma: We Vowed Not To Shop At Walmart And Then…..

Mom would scary-mutter things about unfair labor practices and dismal manufacturing conditions whenever we drove past that store, her opinion proclaimed with such vehemence I could clearly imagine whip-wielding giants standing over kids (just like my friends and I) laboring over assembly of Barbie Dream Houses.  Walmart-avoidance was just a point of fact as I grew up, never something I judged in others. Or did I? I probably could have been quieter about disliking Walmart when the Kids were young.  But like many Mom-isms, the words and explanations of why “We don’t shop at Walmart” shot out of my mouth. The Kids were listening....
Hamilton the dog

Six Ways Puppies are Not Like Kids

Try searching “puppy diarrhea” on Google at 10pm and remaining calm. After reading all the horror (Hamilton slept peacefully after making a total mess of his pee-pee spot), I found myself at 5am buying organic chicken breasts and white rice, nearly screaming with panic during what turns out to be a COVID canned pumpkin shortage. Kid and puppy diarrhea cures are the same, as is the (unfortunate) inspection of poop. Thank goodness there was no internet when my Kids were little, I would have been one of those berserk zombie Moms forever banned from my beloved Pediatrician’s helpful office. Advantage: Pup...